Western Digital My Passport SSD is the storage device of your dreams

Western Digital My Passport SSD is the storage device of your dreams
With read speeds up to 1050 MB/s, this portable SSD is the perfect performance solution

Solid state drives (SSDs) are all the rage right now, and for good reason too. As employees and creatives continue to work in a more hybridised fashion – from homes, to offices to coffee shops – many are realising that their clunky old laptops just aren’t cutting it anymore. But instead of upgrading your ancient computer, investing in an SSD from Western Digital could be just the solution. 

SSDs are relatively inexpensive fixes for people who find themselves frequently visited by the spinning wheel of death when launching 4K videos, editing high-resolution photos or launching performance-intensive programs. But they’re also more durable than external hard disc drives (HDDs). One of the latest SSDs to hit the market is the Western Digital My Passport SSD, currently on sale at Currys (from £84.99,

Western Digital has been at the cutting edge of next generation solid state drive technology for decades, leading the industry when it comes to storage devices. With the My Passport SSD, the company has revved everything up more than a notch.

Western Digital My Passport SSD 1TB: Was £249, now £129.99,

The tiny, palm-sized My Passport SSD from Western Digital is a blisteringly-fast solid state drive that will have you powering through your work in seconds, rather than minutes. With the My Passport SSD, users can edit and transfer content twice as fast as the first generation model. It boasts NVMe technology with read speeds of up to 1050MB/s and write speeds of up to 1000MB/s.

Back up and security

You can download the WD Discovery software if you need help backing up your files to the SSD or even to a cloud service like Dropbox. It also features password-protected 256-bit AES encryption, helping you secure any sensitive files housed in its metal exterior. That metal casing is shock and vibration resistant, as well as drop resistant up to 1.98m.

Design and storage sizes

The My Passport SSD doesn’t just simply perform like a pro, it also looks sleek and modern to boot, with four different colours to choose from – grey, blue, red and gold. There are also three different storage sizes, so it’s ideal for any use case. There’s the 500GB model (was £119, now £84.99,, 1TB model (was £189, now £129.99, and 2TB model (was £329, now 229.99,

Plus it comes with a USB-C cable or a USB-A adapter, making it easy to connect to a Mac or PC while on the go. As with many WD products, you’ll get a five-year limited warranty when you purchase the My Passport SSD.

What is NVMe technology?

The My Passport SSD uses NVMe technology, which stands for nonvolatile memory express. It’s a faster storage and transfer protocol for flash and solid-state drives. This significantly improves the overall speed and performance over hard drive protocols like SAS and SATA, making transfer speeds on SSDs like My Passport twice as fast. Older SSD manufacturers still use the slower data transfer protocols, which don’t make use of the improved SSD architecture found on products like Western Digital’s My Passport.

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