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Mask dispute prompts transatlantic flight to return to Miami

Mask dispute prompts transatlantic flight to return to Miami
Il y a eu 151 reported instances of unruly passengers so far this year, FAA says

A transatlantic flight to Londres returned to Miami after about an hour in the air, after a passenger refused to comply with masking rules, Compagnies aériennes américaines mentionné.

Police officers waited for the flight to arrive back at Miami International Airport after the Boeing 777 had flown its 129 passengers and 14 crew members for about 500 miles out of its 4,400-mile trip when it turned around off the North Carolina coast, according to flight trackers. The plane landed an hour and 48 minutes after taking off.

“American Airlines flight 38 with service from Miami (MIA) to London (LHR) returned to MIA due to a disruptive customer refusing to comply with the federal mask requirement,” the airline said in a statement.

The company added that the plane “landed safely” at the Miami airport “where local law enforcement met the aircraft”.

“We thank our crew for their professionalism and apologize to our customers for the inconvenience," ils ont dit.

Authorities said the person refusing to comply with the mask mandate was a woman in her 40s who was escorted off the plane by law enforcement. The airline put the woman on its “internal refuse list” while an investigation is conducted.

“They had a disturbance on the plane with the female passenger refusing to wear her mask, which was enough for them to bring back the plane and call us,” Argemis Colome of the Miami-Dade Police Department told Initié.

“Once we arrived, we basically just kind of kept the peace," il ajouta.

The officer said the woman was not charged or arrested.

“She was escorted off the plane, but there was no further incident after that,” Mr Colome said. “Her outcome was pretty much dealt with by the American Airlines staff. They dealt with that administratively and that was it.”

The Federal Aviation Administration (PEU) has recorded 151 instances of “unruly passengers” so far this year as of 18 January – 92 of which have been “related to facemasks”.

According to the agency, 32 investigations have been started this year, which have resulted in four enforcement actions being initiated so far.

Dans 2021, the FAA recorded 5,981 reports of unruly passengers, avec 4,290 of them being related to facemasks.

The agency said in January of last year that they were putting in place a “zero tolerance” policy, which skips warnings or counselling and moves immediately on to penalizing rule-breakers, which could lead to large fines and possibly jail time.

Entre 1995 et 2020, there were an average of 182 investigations started each year, mais en 2021, that figure skyrocketed to 1,081 investigations initiated by the FAA.