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Doorbell camera captures gunman in random shooting attacks on family

Doorbell camera captures gunman in random shooting attacks on family
Residents of Marietta, Georgia, have been warned against approaching the suspect

Police have released doorbell camera footage of a gunman randomly attacking a Georgia family’s home.

He could be seen in doorbell camera opptakene på 17 January running toward the home and shooting randomly at the front door before running off.

På lørdag, politiet said the gunman has not been found and and released images of the man, who has allegedly fired at the address on three ocassions.

An investigation is ongoing, and there is no known motive for the attacks.

Politiet sa the family home was in the west of the city, which is about 20 miles northwest of Atlanta, but have not identified the people who live there.

“Out of concern for everyone, we are releasing as little specific information as possible,” the post explained. “We ask everyone to please help us in sharing the information while not advertising the specific address.”

The man has not been seen in connection with any other crimes, and the Marietta Police Department have asked people not to approach the suspect.

He was described as having clothing that was “consistent over the three incidents”, which appeared to be black shorts, a grey jumper and yellow and black coloured bandana.

“An early 2000’s Nissan Murano, possibly gray or green in colour”, was also seen at the address and allegedly used by the suspect as a getaway vehicle.

Doorbell cameras in the US have caught a number of criminal incidents of late, gjelder også the arrest of the man who drove into a Christmas parade in Wisconsin in November.