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Call of Duty – Vanguard: Here’s when you will be able to download the game

Call of Duty – Vanguard: Here’s when you will be able to download the game
When can I download CoD: Vanguard?

After several alpha and beta releases,Plikten kaller: Vanguard is getting a release on November 5thhere’s all the details.

On what devices will the game be available?

The game will be available on PC and old generation consoles along with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and will introduce a new single-player campaign alongside new multiplayer modes.

What can we expect?

A new trailer arrived recently, showing fans what they can expect from the new game. Developed by Sledgehammer Games, Vanguard sees the series returning to World War 2 .

Du kan se traileren her:

Plikten kaller: Vanguard trailer
How much space will I need?

As reported on Eurogamer, the space that will be needed on devices is as follows:

  • “PS5: 64.13 GB for the download, 89.84 GB for required space
  • PS4: 54.65 GB for the download, 93.12 GB for required space
  • Xbox Series X/S: 61 GB for the download, 61 GB for required space
  • Xbox One: 56.6 GB for the download, 56.6 GB for required space”
When is the release time and date?

The game is set for a global release on November 5, meaning the game will launch simultaneously across several time zones.

For PC players, the game will arrive 4am (GMT) while console players on Playstation and Xbox will be available to use at 11:59 (GMT).

Other time zones are listed here:

  • Englene: 9 pm PDT
  • New York: 12 am EDT
  • Berlin: 5am CET
  • Tokyo: 1 pm JST
  • Sydney: 3 pm AEDT