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Man arrested in Colorado near hiking trail with three dozen weapons

Man arrested in Colorado near hiking trail with three dozen weapons
Man camping illegally in Colorado arrested for third time this summerwith a cache of weapons

A Colorado sheriff has warned residents and outdoor enthusiasts to “be aware” following the third arrest this summer of a man illegally camping with a cache of weapons.

“In light of the past week’s double homicide of campers outside Moab, I want to caution people to be aware of their surroundings,” Sheriff William “Bill” Masters – the state’s longest-serving sheriff – said Monday in a social media post by the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Facebook page.

He was referring to the shooting deaths in Moab, Utah – the neighbouring state – of newlyweds Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte.

According to the Colorado sheriff’s office post, the man currently detained in their jurisdiction “has been arrested three times in the Norwood and Telluride areas since July 1st for charges including weapons offenses, burglary of a local laundromat, possession of meth, trespassing, and theft. The judge has repeatedly released this man from jail on PR bonds over the objections of the District Attorney’s office.”

Maandag, the post continued, “more than three dozen weapons were found around his campsiteincluding knives, hatchets and a cross-bow and several swords, just yards off a popular hiking trail. The campsite had been illegally constructed on private property.”

The man’s mugshot and name were not immediately released “to avoid pre-trial publicity as per agreed upon protocols with the DA’s office to minimize the risk that charges are dropped”, the Facebook post continued.

Sheriff Masters began as a deputy marshal in Telluride in 1975.