Mike Lindell says ‘millions’ are watching TV special – but only a few dozen log on

Mike Lindell says ‘millions’ are watching TV special – but only a few dozen log on
MyPillow guy’s telethon-style Thanksgiving Day broadcast only appeared to attract a small number of viewers

Pro-Trump pillow magnate マイク・リンデル has claimed millions were tuning in to his “Great Patriot Thanks-A-Thon” streaming special, but the metrics suggest otherwise.

Mr Lindell, a conspiracy theorist, began hosting a 96-hour live ストリーム at 1am EST on Thanksgiving Day, where he promised to discuss his Supreme Court complaint seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 大統領選挙.

Mr Lindell reportedly appeared onscreen for the first 90 minutes of the broadcast before returning late on Thanksgiving morning.

Just after midday, Mr Lindell claimed: “There are probably millions of people watching right now”.

しかしながら, ただ 24 people were tuned into his Freedom Patriot Network YouTube channel.

On Mr Lindell’s World-Wire website which was also streaming the broadcast, it wasn’t clear how many people were watching, でも周り 90 people were participating in a live chat at the time.

ただ 24 people were watching the MyPillow guys Thanksgiving telethon on YouTube just after midday EST

“You’re an inspiration to millions,” Thanks-A-Thon guest and author William Federer told Mr Lindell.

“What a Thanksgiving we’re having, God bless ya,” Mr Lindell replied.

ただ 96 people were live chatting on Mr Lindell’s website during his Thanks-A-Thon conversation with author William Federer

Mr Lindell has repeatedly sewn doubt over the 2020 elections and promised to produce proof that they were rigged and that ドナルド・トランプ would be reinstated to the presidency.

But he has failed to produce any evidence that voting machines were rigged, or any votes were flipped.

Other guests advertised to appear on the 96-hour broadcast included Steve Bannon, who is facing criminal contempt of Congress charges, and right-wing personalities Diamond and Silk.

デイリービースト reporter Zachary Petrizzo said Mr Lindell had bowed out about 90 minutes into the telethon-style broadcast.

“Last night at 1am est Mike Lindell kicked off his 96-hour straight “thanks-a-thon” event but after an hour and a half, he called it quits for the night.”

今月上旬, a tuxedo-wearing Mr Trump sat down for an interview with the pillow tycoon where he agreed melting voting machines down into prison bars was a very good idea.