主要なインターネットの停止がAmazonを襲う, UPSおよびその他数十 – ライブフォロー

主要なインターネットの停止がAmazonを襲う, UPSおよびその他数十 - ライブフォロー
Much of the internet has stopped working amid a widespread outage across different apps and websites.

Much of the internet has stopped working amid a widespread outage across different apps and websites.

Airlines including Delta, online stores such as アマゾン, games including Call of Duty, streaming services such as HBO Max and a range of banks were unavailable, according to tracking website Down Detector.

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Down Detector reports dropping

Websites appear to be returning back to normal, with tracking website Down Detector showing a drop in reports that is almost as quick as the initial spike.

アンドリュー・グリフィン22 7月 2021 17:57

Akamai says it has ‘implemented a fix

Akamai – which is thought to be at the heart of today’s problems – says it has “implemented a fix” and that service is “resuming”.

アンドリュー・グリフィン22 7月 2021 17:53

Akamai says it is experiencing ‘service disruption

ツイートで, Akamai – the internet infrastructure company suspected at being at the centre of the problems – has said it is experiencing a “service disruption”.

アンドリュー・グリフィン22 7月 2021 17:39

Akamai’s DNS service reports issues

Akamai, which provides domain name system services, says that it is experiencing problems. There’s no guarantee this is the whole of the cause of the problem, but it does appear to be part of it, not least because many of the affected websites are featured on its customers page.

(Domain name system, or DNS, is something like the phone book or map of the internet – it matches up your computer with the websites it is looking for.)

“We are aware of an emerging issue with the Edge DNS service,” a message on its status page reads. “We are actively investigating the issue.”

アンドリュー・グリフィン22 7月 2021 17:27

Widespread outage probably means something has broken in the infrastructure of the internet

Previous problems like this have not been the results of problems with the companies that run the website – but rather the companies that run the internet.

There was a similarly major outage just over a month ago, 例えば, which was later tracked to a problem at Fastly. Even a small problem at one of these companies can very rapidly cause much of the internet to go offline, since there are a very limited number of organisations providing infrastructure that underpins all of the internet.

アンドリュー・グリフィン22 7月 2021 17:20

and Down Detector in the UK turns red too

Here’s the UK version. Also very red – though obviously with some different websites and apps.

アンドリュー・グリフィン22 7月 2021 17:15

Down Detector turns very red in the US

Here is the US version of Down Detector, showing all of the sites that people are reporting problems with:

アンドリュー・グリフィン22 7月 2021 17:12

PlayStation Network and Steam hit by outage

Two of the most high-profile services to go down are for gaming – PlayStation Network and Steam, both of which appear to be offline.

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Hello and welcome

… に 独立者’s live coverage of an internet outage that is taking down many of the world’s biggest websites.

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