Video shows dramatic moment a pastor tackled a man with a gun during church service

Video shows dramatic moment a pastor tackled a man with a gun during church service
The pastor moved sneakily and jumped on top of the armed man to bring the situation under control

Lives of more than a dozen people were saved after a man carrying a gun went rogue in a Nashville church during service before a pastor gained control and averted danger on Sunday, officials said.

In a video going viral on social media, a man is seen disrupting the service hour at Nashville Light Mission Pentecostal Church on 930 West Trinity Lane and flashing his gun at people praying in the church.

Within seconds, a pastor is seen swiftly and surreptitiously coming from behind after removing a chair on his way and jumping on top of the armed man, allowing the crowd to bring the situation under control until the police officers arrived at the spot.

No shots were fired and no person was injured at the scene of crime, the Metro Nashville Police Department said in a tweet.

The armed man has been identified as 26-year-old Dezire Baganda who is now facing a total of 57 charges of felony and aggravated assault. The Nashville police department has issued 42 new warrants, it said in a tweet.

Accused Mr Baganda has been jailed in Davidson County on a bond worth £ 276,431 (USD $ 375,000), with the amount expected to increase.

He will be appearing before a court on Wednesday, according to a report by Tennessean citing court documents.

The pastor who jumped to the defence of all the members attending the service has been identified as Ezekiel Ndikumana, the report said.

In a translated statement, the pastor said: “I am very happy that I got to him first before he was able to shoot and hurt any of my members because they are my family.”

Mr Ndikumana said that he was even happier after the gun was out of the suspect’s hand, Tennessean reported.

The pastor told the police that the accused man is not a member of the church but has attended there previously, according to the report.

Moments before the altar, Mr Baganda was seen sitting in a row on the right side of the pastor and stood up shortly after the altar call was concluded, Metro police spokesperson Don Aaron said. This is when the pastor stepped down and moved away after preaching.