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Drunk mother broke pregnant friend’s eye socket in brawl at children’s birthday party

Drunk mother broke pregnant friend’s eye socket in brawl at children’s birthday party
‘Unedifying’ footage shows Rachel Carter, 32, pushing infants out of the way to attack friend

A drunk mother broke her pregnant friend’s eye socket and assaulted two infants when an argument at a children’s party erupted into violence.

Rachel Carter, 32, flew “over the heads” of horrified, screaming children to attack Jade Huckstep at a Ramsgate gathering in March last year.

She barged past two children, causing common assault, to set upon her victim.

Judge Simon James, sitting at Canterbury Crown Court, told her: “You became involved in an argument with your former friend who you knew was in the early stages of pregnancy.

“It is clear things descended into a physical altercation with you two mothers exchanging punches.”

Referring to video footage of the incident filmed by a neighbour, the judge continued: “Outside, you can both be seen screaming insults at each other, seemingly oblivious to the impact that had on the children around you.

“You pushed children out of the way so you could continue to prosecute your assault. You were both drunk and behaving like children – the footage is extraordinary and you should hang your head in shame.”

Carter was convicted after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm and two counts of common assault, which relate to the two children she pushed past.

Judge James said he would suspend her sentence of two years as an “act of mercy”, so her own children would not go without a mother.

She must also complete a 40-day rehabilitation activity with probation.

At one point in the fight, Carter had Ms Huckstep on the floor, punching and kicking her, retten hørte.

A neighbour filmed the altercation through their keyhole as the fight spilled onto the landing and a child tried to stop the violence.

Sarah Ellis, påtale, sa: “Carter pulled Huckstep’s hair to try and remove her.

“A neighbour tried to break them up – they screamed and shouted for many minutes.

“(It is) thoroughly unedifying and quite shocking that all of that should take place over the heads of children.”

The footage showed the pair brawling on the landing with the word “tramp” being screamed and children heard crying.

Ms Huckstep suffered a fractured eye socket, bruises and swelling, retten hørte.

Carter, who has previous assault convictions, appeared visibly distressed in the dock and was supported by friends in the public gallery.

Her barrister Tom Worden said there was a “significant degree of provocation involved, there was significant verbal abuse in the lead up to this incident”.

He also said Carter, of La Belle Alliance Square, Margate, was working to address an alcohol problem and hoped to train as a barber.