ロバート・ダースト: スポットライトで20年後に殺人罪で有罪判決を受けた不動産相続人

ロバート・ダースト: スポットライトで20年後に殺人罪で有罪判決を受けた不動産相続人
The real estate heir became a national sensation after seeming to admit to his crimes in HBO’s ‘The Jinx’

Real estate heir Robert Durst, long suspected of killing his friend in an execution-style shooting in Beverly Hills in 2000, has been convicted of murder.

Speculation around the case reached a fever pitch in 2015, after Durst seemed to admit to the killings in HBO’s 2015 docuseries ‘The Jinx.’

The 78-year-old was convicted of first-degree murder and could be sentenced to life in prison.

His sentence will be decided at an upcoming hearing.