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Celebrate Organic September with one of these eco-friendly wines

Celebrate Organic September with one of these eco-friendly wines
Celebrate Organic September with the best organic wines from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, 乐购, Aldi, 莫里森, Co op, Marks and Spencer and more

This Organic September, making a planet-friendly swap to organic wine is easier than ever. Sustainable vino is produced using only certified organic grapes grown without chemical fertilisers and pesticides, making the wine better for the planet and you.

自从 2012, regulations have meant the term “organic wine” can be used on a bottle if production meets strict requirements covering everything from land management to storage.

Sales of organic wine have duly rocketed with growth almost double that of non-organic wine during 2020 according to the Soil Association. Fans even argue organic vino showcases the flavour of the grapes better than non-organic tipples.

“While there is some debate as to whether organic wine tastes differently from non-organic wine, great wine begins with how you look after your vineyards,” says Des Russo, wine manager at Humble Grape. “It takes a story to sell a bottle of wine and if organic practices are part of that journey, consumers are more likely to purchase because it makes us feel that we are contributing to the greater good by supporting those practices.”

Not only is it easier than ever to pop a bottle of organic wine (or two) in your trolley at the supermarket, it’s possible it may be kinder the morning after too.



We taste-tested all of the wines in this round-up to guarantee a really great glass of red, 白色的, sparkling or rosé. 特别是, we wanted to find organic drinks to suit a range of budgets while retaining their eco-friendly credentials.

The best organic wines for 2021 是:

  • 整体最佳 – Symington Family Estates altano organic: £10.99, Waitrose.com
  • 最佳预算选择 – Morrisons organic pinot grigio: £6.50, Morrisons.com
  • Best eco-friendly wine –Sea Change organic chardonnay: £13.99, Seachangewine.com
  • Best natural wine – Beck Ink, zweilgelt, st laurent: £15.20, Shopcuvee.com
  • Best Fairtrade – Co-op irresistible fairtrade organic malbec: £7.50, Coop.co.uk
  • Best rosé – Sainsbury’s so organic fairtrade rosé: £7, Sainsburys.co.uk
  • Best chardonnay – Emiliana organic chardonnay: £48 for six bottles, Marksandspencer.com
  • Best new wine – Villa Maria EarthGarden sauvignon blanc 2020: £10.50, Tesco.com
  • Best hearty red – Adnams Barolo DOCG, del commune di serralunga d alba: 24.99 英镑, Adnams.co.uk
  • Best for special occasions – Les Quarterons, cremant de loire brut NV: £18.50, Wickhamwine.co.uk
  • Best prosecco – Castellore organic prosecco: £7.49, Aldi.co.uk
  • Best range – Purato Siccari appassimento: £9.99, Ocado.com
  • Best wine from New Zealand – Yealands sauvignon blanc: £9.59, Waitrosecellar.com

Symington Family Estates altano organic douro, 13.5%, 75cl

最好的: 全面的

评分: 10/10

The Symington family are major players in the Portuguese wine industry as pioneers in modern Douro wine and the country’s biggest organic grower. Winemakers for five generations, they started producing Douro DOC wines in the 1990s from the same vineyards and indigenous grapes used to make world-renowned port and this versatile red is now produced with grapes from the Symingtons’ own mountain vineyards.

Blending native grapes including touriga franca, tinta roriz, touriga cacional and tinta barroca, this medium to full-bodied red is vegan-friendly and has more-ish aromas of blackberry and cherry with floral undertones. In the mouth, hearty plum flavours and a fine acidity give way to a lingering black pepper finish left us wanting more. A dinner table dream, it works well with all sorts of food including meaty pasta or Spanish tapas, and will really make your Sunday roast beef sing.

Morrisons organic pinot grigio 2018, 11.5%, 75cl

最好的: 预算选项

评分: 7/10

Buying organic wine doesn’t have to mean wincing at the supermarket checkout. This vibrant pinot grigio won’t bowl you over but is a no-brainer organic swap for your hard-earned mid-week glass of white. Delicate but full of zingy apple and lemon flavours that linger beyond the first sip, this crisp pinot grigio works a treat with stir fries, seafood and light pasta dishes. 然而, we’d be more than happy with a glass of it on its own on a summer’s evening. We’re satisfied we’ve discovered an organic bargain here.

Sea Change organic chardonnay 2019, 13%, 75cl

最好的: Eco-friendly wine

评分: 8/10

You’re already making a difference if you make the switch to organic but if you really want to care for the planet, Sea Change is the brand to buy. A range of wines from vineyards across Europe, the bottles use renewable plant-based closures and label paper from sustainable forests made in part from grape waste. It also doesn’t use any plastic wrapping around the cork. They donate to marine conservation charities with every bottle sold to fund projects that protect the oceans.

That doesn’t mean you have to put up with sub-standard wine though. This sunny Valencian white is a joy to drink, made using traditional sustainable growing and harvesting methods. It’s chockful of floral flavours and zingy citrus fruits with a refreshing acidity that’s easy to sip on its own but cuts nicely through salty seafood or creamy pasta sauces.

Beck Ink zweilgelt St. Laurent 2020, 13%, 75cl

最好的: Natural wine

评分: 7/10

Austrian wine might not be your go-to but this easy-drinking red could be the one to change your mind. The Beck Ink winery is a 15-hectare estate in the country’s Burgenland which has been farmed biodynamically since 2007 and uses native Austrian varieties with natural yeasts, minimal sulphur and no filtration to keep the wine in its most natural state. The result is a vibrant inky red packed with summer fruits undercut with a hint of intriguing spiciness that kept us coming back for more. If you’re curious about natural wines but don’t know where to start, this is the one to convert you.

Co-op irresistible Fairtrade organic malbec 2016, 13%, 75cl

最好的: Fairtrade

评分: 8/10

This full-bodied malbec is the ideal match for roast meats, casseroles and warming winter dishes. It’s the ultimate feelgood wine, ticking both the Fairtrade and organic boxes in one fruity bottle. It’s produced by Rodolfo Griguol, one of Argentina’s most well-respected winemakers, and is made from malbec grapes grown in high-altitude vineyards in the scenic Famantina Valley, 1,000 至 1,400 metres above sea level. The cold nights and balmy days create excellent conditions for organic wine and this smooth but full-bodied red lets the plum, jam and cherry flavours shine through. All this and a fantastic price too.

Sainsbury’s SO organic fairtrade rosé, 12%, 75cl

最好的: Rosé

评分: 7/10

The days of struggling to spot the odd organic red on the supermarket shelf are long gone. 现在, even the nation’s favourite summer tipple has gone organic so it’s easy to rosé all day with a clear conscience. This crisp, vegan-friendly bottle from South Africa’s Western Cape is everything you want from a decent rosé with delicate mineral notes, tingling acidity and juicy strawberry notes to finish. It would be a match made in heaven served with a platter of seafood overlooking a baking hot beach but we’d happily take it all on its own in a sunny back garden too.

Emiliana organic chardonnay 2020, 13.5%, 75cl

最好的: Chardonnay

评分: 8/10

If you steer clear of chardonnay for fear of landing a robust, oak-heavy number, this surprisingly light version is worth a chance. Despite its reputation, chardonnay is actually a diverse neutral grape that can take on all sorts of flavours, so if you always dislike it, you may have just not found the right one for you yet.

This fruity and disarmingly refreshing offering comes from Chile’s Emiliana, a progressive producer with a keen focus on soil health and environmental balance. The cool sea air of the Casablanca Valley gives the chardonnay a lip-smacking intensity and a distinctive tropical twist, with flavours of stone fruits and creamy toasted hazelnuts that would pair well with roasted vegetables or creamy pasta.

然而, if you’re eating Asian food, try the outstanding Yalumba organic viognier (£54, Marksandspencer.com) instead, which is rich with fragrant jasmine and ginger flavours.

Villa Maria earthgarden sauvignon blanc 2020, 14%, 75c

最好的: New wine

评分: 9/10

If you love white wine, chances are you’re already a fan of iconic New Zealand winery Villa Maria in the renowned Marlborough region. After growing grapes organically for more than two decades, the family-owned winery has finally launched its very first organic wine range including a pinot noir, merlot cabernet sauvignon, rosé and this sauvignon blanc, which hit UK shelves in August. This is the first step in Villa Maria’s plan to ensure 100 per cent of its vineyards are organically managed by 2030.

f they all taste this good, we’re certainly keen to taste more because this zesty white is a real knockout. With a riot of rich citrus and lime aromas, the wine dazzles with tingling acidity and flavours of tropical fruits, lemongrass and a hint of peach.

Adnams barolo DOCG, del commune di serralunga d alba, 14.5%, 75cl

最好的: Hearty red

评分: 9/10

Don’t just go organic for a quick midweek drink after work. This sophisticated barolo is one that will impress any dinner party (though we’d be tempted to keep it all to ourselves).

Made from the nebbiolo grape, it’s produced by Luisella and Gian Paolo from vineyards resplendent with natural herb and flower gardens in Cascina Meriame in the heart of the Piedmont region. Their aim is to interfere as little as possible with the natural environment, making vegan-friendly wine using sustainable viticulture and no chemical products on the vineyards.

This approach lets the moreish raspberry, cherry and mint leaf flavours of this exceptional, structured red shine through. Open it an hour before drinking to enjoy it at its absolute best then serve it alongside a rich, meaty lasagne for a moment of pure Italian heaven.

Les Quarterons, cremant de Loire brut NV, 12%, 75cl

最好的: For special occasions

评分: 8/10

For all the elegant fizz of champagne without the price tag, cremant is the name to know. This French sparkling wine is made outside the world’s most revered wine region but uses the same production process, known as the “methode traditionelle”. This requires a secondary fermentation within the closed bottle to produce the rich yeasty flavours and that fine natural mousse that makes your tongue tingle when the bubbles hit. It also makes cremant almost indistinguishable from the famous fizz.

This crisp Loire version is made by Clos des Quarterons, a 37-hectare estate run by the sixth generation of the Amirault family that has been organic since 2012. Their show-stopping sparkling wine is made from punchy chenin blanc grapes that sparkle with flavours of lemon, brioche, honeysuckle and apple. Simply opening a bottle is a celebration in its own right.

Castellore organic prosecco, 11.5%, 75cl

最好的: Prosecco

评分: 9/10

It’s estimated that the intensive farming required to produce the 500 million bottles of prosecco quaffed annually means 400,000 tonnes of soil are lost each year in Italy’s prosecco region. That’s why we recommend making a guilt-free swap to this organic version – and it won’t even dent your bank balance. 实际上, we were so impressed by this planet-friendly fizz, we had to double-check we weren’t sampling a more expensive bottle.

Sourced from a 150-hectare estate 30km northeast of Venice that uses only renewable energy where possible, grapes are largely hand-picked and gently pressed to ensure only top-quality juice makes it into the bottle. The result is full of lively pear, apricot, apple and honeysuckle flavours which make this one of the most easy-drinking prosecco’s we’ve ever tried. We’ll never have another party without it.

Purato siccari appassimento 2017, 13.5%, 75cl

最好的: Range

评分: 8/10

Want to go organic without the hassle of discovering all your favourite wines again? This range of sustainable Sicilian wines has a vino for every occasion including a summery rosé (£7.99, Ocado.com), a decent pinot grigio (£9.99, Ocado.com) and even an endlessly drinkable spumante (£11.99, Ocado.com).

Vegan-friendly, carbon neutral and packaged in recyclable materials, this red is made with grapes from the Vittoria region of southeastern Sicily where sandy soil gives the wine added finesse. Grapes for siccari are dried naturally in the sunshine making it a complex and intense wine that’ll bowl you over with smooth-as-silk berry flavours, a dramatic hint of spice and a long finish you won’t forget in a hurry.

Yealands sauvignon blanc 2020, 13%, 75cl

最好的: New Zealand wine

评分: 9/10

Though this sauvignon blanc doesn’t actually claim to be organic on the bottle, the award-winning Yealands winery strives to produce the world’s most environmentally-friendly vinos, which are all sustainable and vegan.

Based in New Zealand’s Marlborough region, they have one of the country’s largest installations of solar panels, use sheep instead of tractors to manage grass and weeds and have developed 25 wetland areas to preserve biodiversity. They also have their own wind turbines, a purpose-built organic composting facility and are one of seven carbon-neutral certified wineries in New Zealand.

That all means you can enjoy this exceptional, environmentally-friendly sauvignon blanc without guilt, relishing its dynamic citrus flavours, fresh grassy aroma and long, crisp finish.

判决: Organic wines

We were bowled over by the quality, price and range of organic wine available and reckon it’s one switch everyone can make this Organic September.

Our star red is the Symington Family Estates altano organic douro for its food-friendly heartiness, but white fans should go straight for the brand new Villa Maria earthgarden sauvignon blanc 2020. When only bubbles will do, look no further than the ridiculously well-priced Castellore organic prosecco.


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