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Embrace the heat in style this summer with these lightweight hijabs

Embrace the heat in style this summer with these lightweight hijabs
From chiffon to ribbed styles, we’ve found the best summer hijabs to shop this season, from AAB Collection, Vela Scarves, Silq Rose and more

As the summer heat peeks through, it’s important to find a hijab that is both breathable and light, while still being fashionable.

Tristemente, the high street doesn’t carry many summer options, so to make it easier we’ve summed up some of our favourites that are easy to shop online.

These hijabs were tried and tested at home as well as by hitting the busy streets of London. It can get pretty congested on the underground, so we wanted to see if these products could handle the heat, and they did not disappoint.

We also experimented with different styles – from a turban wrap to an over-the-shoulder setup – to be sure they were versatile enough to create trendy and effortlessly regal looks.

We know that covering your head during the summer time can be extremely difficult, so that’s why we have tested airy, lightweight and sheer fabric hijabs that give your head and hair breathing space. We chose colours perfect for a warmer climate and products at a range of price points – all hand-picked with seasonal conditions in mind.

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The best summer hijabs for 2021 estão:

  • Melhor geral – Silq Rose lavender tight weave model hijab: £16,
  • Best office look – Vela Scarves gravity grey signature modal: £13.95,
  • Melhor valor – Vela Scarves auburn crinkle hijab: £13.95,
  • Best statement piece – AAB Collection marble art hijab: £ 25,
  • Best beach hijab – AAB Collection rosewood chiffon silk hijab: £ 35,
  • Best sustainable style – Silq Rose grey mauve fine weave model hijab: £ 17,
  • Best for easy styling – Nea Wear vanilla ribbed jersey hijab: £ 17,
  • Best investment – Awra ombre mika modal hijab: £ 21,

Silq Rose lavender tight weave model hijab

Melhor: No geral

Avaliação: 10/10

Adding a beautiful lavender glow to your wardrobe, this hijab is in an exquisite summer colour that will go well with every outfit. We adore how smooth the texture is – it felt as though we were wearing nothing at all. Its tight weave and airy texture is made using a “Lenzing modal” material, which the company says is sustainably sourced.

Be sure to hand wash this delicate hijab to keep it feeling new for longer. The lovely lavender colourway can be worn with lighter tones – perhaps a white puff-sleeved summer dress with lavender slippers.

Vela Scarves gravity grey signature modal

Melhor: Office look

Avaliação: 9/10

This gorgeous light-grey hijab is perfect for hitting the streets in style, or returning to the office. We loved the way it was super easy to arrange with its non-slip elements and sheer fabric. It is truly perfect for the summer and extremely soft to the touch, which is essential for your skin. Hand-dyed by artisans and made ethically in a women-led facility, it comes in three different sizes, providing you with as much coverage as you desire.

You can pair this beautiful piece with a basic black, thin, long-sleeve body con and your favourite high-waisted trousers. And don’t forget some chic shades to finish your look.

Although US-based Vela ships internationally, there may be customs charges to pay, so be careful to factor any fees into your budget.

Vela Scarves auburn crinkle hijab

Melhor: Valor

Avaliação: 8/10

Another favourite from Vela is this stunning auburn crinkle hijab. We like that it has a different texture to it, with the crinkle style providing better grip when worn on top of your hijab cap. It also comes in a range of different colours and two sizes, which makes it easy to find the perfect fit. The grippiness, Enquanto isso, makes it perfect for summer.

The delicate polyester fabric is easy to wear up as a turban or down over the shoulder, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe. We’d pair it with a light and summery printed dress, or a simple, solid-coloured outfit.

Although Vela ships internationally from the US, there may be extra fees to pay when importing products into the UK.

AAB Collection marble art hijab

Melhor: Statement piece

Avaliação: 8/10

With a regal-looking print that is made from 100 per cent ethically-sourced fabric, this hijab embodies geometric patterns and Islamic architecture. We love that it perfectly resembles the complex Islamic art forms of calligraphy and pattern making. Its somewhat floral embellishments capture the essence of the summer, while the soft fabric is perfect for the hot weather. Best worn with solid tones to let the hijab do the talking, we’d pair it with a nude slip dress.

AAB Collection rosewood chiffon silk hijab

Melhor: Beach hijab

Avaliação: 8/10

This alluring hijab is nearly weightless, making it the perfect piece for summer heat. The chiffon silk fabric is non-slip and super easy to style. We loved the warm yet deep classical tone – which would match wonderfully with a deep red lippy – and the pure silk, which grants comfort on warmer days.

Be sure to fold it to get a double layer of coverage, as the material is a little sheer. This piece can be styled with your favourite blue jeans and a T-shirt, or a patterned blouse and a wide leg.

Silq Rose grey mauve fine weave model hijab

Melhor: Sustainable style

Avaliação: 9.5/10

We loved that this hijab is non-slip and easy to style, and that the “Lenzing modal” fabric is one of the most sustainable textiles out there. Made from harvested beech trees, it’s environmentally friendly, effortlessly stylish and a wardrobe essential. We would recommend teaming it with your favourite black dress, to draw attention back to the stunning hijab you’ll be rocking.

Nea Wear vanilla ribbed jersey hijab

Melhor: For easy styling

Avaliação: 8/10

This is a truly beautiful and soft-to-the-touch hijab that you’ll want as part of your collection. The non-slip and light fabric, made from organic cotton and lycra jersey, is sustainably sourced. We absolutely love how the ribbed texture gives it a subtle point of difference, and how its long, rectangular shape grants better coverage.

If you’re ready to head back into the office and get out of that work-from-home slump, this is the perfect hijab for everyday wear. Match it with high-waisted peg-leg suit trousers and a blazer, and you’ll be ready to take on anything.

Awra ombre mika modal hijab

Melhor: Investment

Avaliação: 8/10

Sustainable and summer-friendly, the modal fabric used in this hijab has been hand-coloured using toxic-free dyes. We love the seasonal palette, with its bright tones and ombre effect. Existem 12 colorways to choose from, so you can mix and match them to fit your wardrobe.

This hijab is breathable, smooth in texture and light. The 200cm x 85cm size grants a good amount of coverage, as well as providing you with enough material to try out different styles. We’d team it with an oversized T-shirt dress, side bag and heels.

O veredito: Summer hijabs

If you are a fan of simplicity, then the Silq Rose lavender hijab is perfect for the warmer months – the colour, texture and material tie together beautifully while granting your head and hair breathing space. The sustainable material also takes care of the planet.

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