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Unlikely England will go into ‘full blown lockdown’ this winter, says Neil Ferguson

Unlikely England will go into ‘full blown lockdown’ this winter, says Neil Ferguson
Epidemiologist ‘moderately optimistic’ as country yet to see back-to-school surge in Covid-19 infections

England is unlikely to need another “full blown confinement” this winter, a leading scientific adviser to the government has said.

Professor Neil Ferguson, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), is “moderately optimistic” as England is yet to see a back-to-school surge in Covid infections.

It comes after the latest NHS Test and Trace figures recorded 162,000 coronavirus cases in the week up to last Wednesday – the lowest count since 30 juin, before almost all social distancing restrictions were lifted.

pourtant, deaths have increased by 15 per cent week-on-week and cases have risen in school-age children.

Professor Ferguson, dubbed “Professor Lockdown” for his work advising early in the pandemic, mentionné: “We can’t rule out some need for additional measures, but I very much doubt we will need to go back into lockdown again.”

He added there could be a return to social distancing if there was a “significant uptick” in hospital admissions – but that a “full-blown lockdown” was unlikely.

“As long as we can roll out the booster programme and the vaccination of teenagers as promptly as possible, I’m moderately optimistic," il a dit.

Professor Ferguson last week called for children to be vaccinated to boost the UK’s immunity levels and stem the risk of a large winter wave of coronavirus.

The epidemiologist said the UK’s immunity levels were falling behind other European counties, such as Spain, Italy and France – but that he “hoped” the country would not need another national lockdown.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Aujourd'hui programme: “We’ve fallen behind a little bit. We were leading in Europe until recently and now several countries, Espagne, le Portugal, France, Italy and Ireland, have got higher vaccination levels than us and that is largely because they have rolled out vaccination of 12- to 15-year-olds faster.”

Government figures published on Thursday showed coronavirus cases had risen by 36,710 in one day, tandis qu'un autre 182 Covid-related deaths were recorded.

Public Health England said Covid vaccinations were estimated to have prevented 123,100 people from dying in England.

À propos de 23.9 million infections have also been prevented by the vaccine rollout, de même que 230,800 hospital admissions among people aged 45 et plus.

According to the latest figures, plus que 89 per cent of all people aged 16 and over in England have now received one dose of vaccine, alors que presque 82 pour cent sont complètement vaccinés.