Craving isolation? England’s ‘most remote house’ is up for sale

Craving isolation? England’s ‘most remote house’ is up for sale
The property is 10 miles from the nearest town and only accessible by foot or a 4×4 vehicle

Anyone who controversially enjoyed the social isolation of the past year and a half will be pleased to learn that England’s “most remote house” is up for sale.

The property, situated in Cumbria, is equipped with three kitchens, five reception rooms, four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

While this number of lounge areas and stoves may lend themselves to a dinner party, the house is the only property in the 3,000 acre Skiddaw Forest and is at least 10 miles from the nearest town, Keswick.

It also comes with 3.45 surrounding acres of land and is 1,500 feet above sea level. It has been dubbed England’s “most remote home” as it is only accessible by foot, or a 4×4 vehicle.

The origins of the house date to 1829, when it was built by the Earl of Egremont of Cockermouth Castle for his gamekeeper.

Following the earl’s death, it was sold off as part of his estate. Now, for the first time in almost 200 years, the house is up for sale on its own.

Over the last century, it was used as a shooting cabin, shepherd’s dwelling and shelter for countryside walkers before being converted into a youth hostel.

Due to an existing contract, the property will need to remain as a hostel until 2027, after which the new owner may convert it into a home if they wish.

Mitchells Land Agency, the company in charge of the sale, told Metro that the property is an ideal fit for anyone who “craves isolation and simplicity” because “Skiddaw House has it in spades”.

A knack for handling isolation is particularly important given that the house has no TV, internet or mains electricity. Thankfully, it has a water supply from a nearby stream, heating from a wood-burning stove and is powered by solar panels.

“As the only dwelling in the 3,000 acre Skiddaw Forest, Skiddaw House is the ultimate bolt hole.

“Possessing endless views, Skiddaw is a source of perpetual inspiration, a place to create art, find peace and live in the sky,” the agency said.