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England v Ukraine team news and quarter-final build up – 关注直播

England v Ukraine team news and quarter-final build up - 关注直播
After Spain beat Switzerland on penalties and Italy edged past Belgium, it is now England’s turn in Rome against Ukraine in the Euro 2020 四分之一决赛


Euro2020: England fans sing Three Lions following Germany victory

Follow all the latest news and build-up to the 欧元 2020 quarter-finals as Czech Republic face Denmark in Baku and England take on Ukraine in Rome.

It was a thrilling day as Spain booked their semi-final berth after a penalty shootout win over Switzerland 尽管 Italy beat Belgium in an entertaining game in Munich. The Three Lions are into the last eight of the tournament after goals from Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane booked their safe passage much to the delight of a raucous Wembley Stadium. Gareth Southgate’s side are now the bookmakers’ favourites to win the tournament.

Southgate believes a short trip away from Wembley will benefit his squad and their chances of Euro 2020 glory: “I think there was clearly a big emotional toll from the game and everybody enjoyed the day but, even in the dressing room afterwards, the players were already talking about the next game and the need to prepare well,” Southgate said. So we have shifted the mindset quickly onto that next challenge. We’ve achieved one challenge but that’s not the Everest we set ourselves, 真的. We want to push on from where we’ve got to now.

“I think the psychological freshness is key. We’ve obviously got a strong squad as well. It’s actually, for us, probably a good thing to be going away now. It would’ve been very hard, three days later, to replicate that experience at Wembley. So now we’ve got a different sort of test. We’ve got to go away from home, play a good team, without many English fans in the stadium, so it’s all about our group, it’s all about our team and what we do, and the energy and focus that we create.”

Follow all the latest updates to England’s quarter-final in Rome plus build-up to the earlier kick-off between Czech Republic and Denmark in Baku, 阿塞拜疆.


England vs Ukraine: 团队新闻

Gareth Southgate’s squad has a clean bill of health with Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell now fully reintegrated back into the main group following their period of isolation after their “interaction” with Chelsea teammate Billy Gilmour after the Scotland game.

哈里·马奎尔, injured for the first two games of the tournament, has come through unscathed since while Jordan Henderson, who hadn’t played competitively for his club Liverpool since February, has now also got plenty of valuable minutes under his belt.

Following the successful switch to a back three against the Germans, Southgate is expected to revert back to the back four which proved so effective in the group stage. That will likely mean one of the two right backs who started on Tuesday eveningKieran Trippier or Kyle Walkerdropping back down to the bench with a more attack-minded player coming in.

Mount or Jack Grealish, who played a part in both goals in the last-16 game, are likeliest next man up. 菲尔·福登, who was rested for the final group game against Czech Republic for risk of suspension, could also return after starting against Croatia and Scotland.

卡尔文菲利普斯, 德克兰赖斯, Maguire and Foden are all one booking away from a suspension for any potential semi-final, which could also play into Southgate’s thinking either before or during this match.

For Ukraine, striker Artem Besedin is the headline absentee after being ruled out until 2022 with a knee injury following the challenge from Sweden’s Marcus Danielson that earned him a red card in the last-16 game.

Dovbyk was the extra-time hero against the Swedes and could have earned himself a start but star men Andriy Yarmolenko and Roman Yaremchuk are both still expected to play. Oleksandr Zubkov is fit again after a calf strain and could also be in contention.

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England vs Ukraine: Precicted line-ups

乌克兰: Buschcan; 扎巴尔尼, Kryvtsov, 马特维延科; Karavev, 沙帕连科, 斯捷帕年科, 西多尔丘克, 津琴科; 亚尔莫连科, 亚列姆丘克.

英国: 皮克福德; 沃克, 石头, 马奎尔, 肖; Henderson, 米; 福登, 山, 英镑; 凯恩

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England vs Ukraine: 赔率

乌克兰 17/2


英国 2/5

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England vs Ukraine: 预言

Ukraine are perhaps being underrated here and could prove difficult to break down, while England will have to adapt to playing in front of a neutral crowd for the first time. 尽管如此, two defeats from three group games and a late win against 10-men is not a compelling case for Andriy Shevchenko’s side. Another narrow but controlled England win feels likeliest. 乌克兰 0-1 英国.

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England confident but not complacent ahead of biggest step yet

It is a line that 加雷斯·索斯盖特 delivers with such effusiveness that you can tell he’s already said it to the players.

“There’s a danger when you hold something in your hands in life – when you’ve got half of something – you don’t want to lose the half, rather than reach out for the whole. We’ve got to take the next step forwards.”

It’s just that the next step of the tournament, a quarter-final against Ukraine, isn’t as intimidating as Germany. That isn’t arrogance or complacency. It’s reality. There is no denying that going out to Ukraine would be an embarrassment for England, especially after Tuesday. It is also something Southgate and his staff are especially conscious of.

In the afterglow of Germany, 这 英国 players went to the blue glow of their screens, as they all watched the 乌克兰 game on the way back from Wembley. Some – just like everyone watching at home – were dismayed that Artem Dovbyk’s goal had denied them penalties. Others were impressed at the resilience of Ukraine, although wondered about the effect of extra time. All felt that England are a better team.

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Shevchenko using stats and science to plot England’s downfall

Being as fitness-obsessed as he is, Andriy Shevchenko occasionally assesses himself with 乌克兰’s super-advanced technology. He can monitor his own performance as he gets involved in training drills or matches with the team, and there is still a thrill that goes around some of the younger players when he does.

Shevchenko may be their manager, but he is also the greatest sporting hero in Ukraine’s history. It takes some a few sessions to snap out of the fact they are playing with a legend, whatever about being coached by one. The 44-year-old can’t quite keep up with them, but that isn’t because of waning legs. Shevchenko is still very fit. It’s just that he and his staff have honed one of the fittest teams in Europe. Shevchenko is left to offer a bit of poise, and some touches his players can’t pull off.

Andriy Shevchenko using stats and science to plot England’s downfall

A legend in his playing days, the former Chelsea striker is forging an impressive managerial career characterised by forensic preparation and now he has England in his sights

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杰克·格雷利什, king of the free men, man of the match, throw a party in the evening

‘Jack Grealish, king of the free men/ Man of the match, throw a party in the evening’ – The Manor, ‘Grealish’

“I just woke up,”说 杰克·格雷利什 at half four in the afternoon, but if he looks like he has just got out of bed then at least he is in good company with the group of national newspaper journalists sitting down in front of him. A nap in the middle of the day is part of his routine now, anyway. “I’m not the same man without it.”

It is an unconventional sleeping pattern but then what else did you expect? This is the most unconventional player and personality to represent 英国 in a generation. Or then again, is he? Grealish may be different to other footballers, but a huge part of his charm is that he is actually an intensely normal young man by anyone’s standards.

杰克·格雷利什, king of the free men, man of the match, throw a party in the evening

Aston Villa’s crowd-pleasing star has a song written about him and is taking Euro 2020 by storm

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Italy enthrall and Belgium left beaten in Euro 2020 经典的

Italy pulled out their most complete performance of Euro2020 to beat Belgium 2-1 in Munich to book themselves a place in the semi-finals to face Spain.

The tournament’s entertainers took apart the the talked-up favourites with the kind of free-flowing of new and defensive robustness of old to have them dreaming of European Championship glory. They even managed some throwback game management to disrupt the final 15 minutes of what was another standout example this last week of just how intoxicating football can be. The dark horses are galloping on.

The goals of Nicolo Barella and Lorenzo Insigne were in keeping with the quality offered in an opening 45 minutes that will take some beating in 2021. 上 31 分钟, Barella’s sharp footwork dazed and dashed Italy into a 1-0 lead before Insigne did as he usually does for Napoli, cutting in front the right and bending one into the top corner. But for a penalty converted by Romelu Lukaku in first-half added time, it could have been the perfect half for the Italians.

Italy enthrall and Belgium left beaten in Euro 2020 经典的

比利时 1-2 意大利: Lukaku’s penalty not enough for comeback after Barella and Insigne strike for Azzurri

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Relieved Spain beat Switzerland in quarter-final shootout

The relief on Luis Enrique’s face spoke loudest. Mikel Oyarzabal’s penalty fuelled a series of emotions from Spain, into the semi-finals of 欧元 2020 by the skin of 3-1 spot-kicks, but nothing dominated as much as the sheer release of not suffering another disappointment.

瑞士, at this stage of a major competition for the first time in nearly 70 年, can feel victorious in their spirit. Key absentees, a sending-off and relentless attacks from Spain at the death could not quell their resistance.

They fell from 12 yards out, but had a good fight in an encounter that won’t be filed as a classic.

The sides involved in the most exhilarating, winding, What The Hell?! day of tournament football had evidently used up all their entertainment vibes. Or perhaps the exhausting business of having to oust Croatia in an epic for the ages after extra time had drained Spain, much like Switzerland were taxed after eliminating world champions France on penalties.

Relieved Spain beat Switzerland in quarter-final shootout as exhausted sides run out of entertainment

瑞士 1-1 西班牙 (1-3 penalties): Luis Enrique’s wasteful team reached the semi-finals after a dramatic conclusion in St Petersburg

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