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Ensure your pup always looks on point with our pick of dog collars

Ensure your pup always looks on point with our pick of dog collars
From leather to reflective designs, ensure your pup always looks on point with these dog collars, available from Pets At Home, Joules, Poppy & Ted and more

More people are choosing to become dog owners than ever before, and although there’s no denying that splashing out on new dog toys is a whole lot of fun, there are plenty of practical accessories which require a little more decision making. Collars are a case in point.

One of the first things you should do is measure your dog’s neck – not just so you know what size of collar to buy, but so you can keep track of how quickly your dog is growing, and will know when the collar might need changing.

The right collar should have plenty of room for adjustment, and you should be able to squeeze two fingers between the collar and your dog’s fur with ease. Regularly check the area of fur beneath the collar – if it looks as though fur has been rubbed away, or there’s any chafed skin on show, it’s time to invest in a different collar.

Como testamos

Luckily, we’ve got two discerning test dogs at our disposal – a Bedlington terrier named Honey and an enormous Rhodesian Ridgeback called Barley. They’re two very different dogs with very different requirements – Barley is, muito simples, so strong that we suspect she might actually be a horse, while Honey is a pint-sized pooch with a penchant for accessorising (or at least, that’s what we tell ourselves every time we add to her already-bursting wardrobe).

De qualquer jeito, as dog lovers who spend much of their time marching through the Surrey countryside with various dogs in tow, you can rest assured these collars were thoroughly tested. Comfort, style and practicality were all carefully assessed, and every single one of the collars below was given the seal of approval by our test dogs.

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As melhores coleiras de cão para 2021 estão:

  • Melhor geral – Joules coastal pet collar: £14,
  • Best for hipster hounds – Walk & Wear thunderbolt collar: £ 10,99,
  • Best for a splash of colour – Stocky and Dee rainbow handmade dog collar: £ 26,
  • Best for boho chic – Brightside classic slim dog collar by Holly&Lil: £58,
  • Best for posh pooches – Holland and Cooper HC classic dog collar: £79,
  • Best for durability - 3 Peaks lightweight mesh dog collar small/medium: £ 7,
  • Best for classic style – Wainwright’s luxurious woven herringbone dog collar ink blue: £ 8,
  • Best for puppies – Pets at Home spotty dog collar medium purple: £4,
  • Best for festive fun – Pets at Home Christmas reindeer dog collar red: £4,

Joules coastal pet collar

Melhor: No geral

Avaliação: 10/10

This gorgeous dog collar, with its hat trick of go-faster stripes, is built to last. It’s made from a thick, tough material and has sturdy metal fittings which not only allow for the attachment of ID tags but kept the lead firmly in place and ensured our test dog didn’t go for free-range walkabouts when she wasn’t meant to. We loved the fact that there are four sizes available, também. The best bit? For dogs (or dog owners, pelo menos) partial to a bit of colour coordination, the collar can be paired with a dog lead from the same collection.

Walk & Wear Thunderbolt collar

Melhor: For hipster hounds

Avaliação: 10/10

What mutt wouldn’t want to upgrade his or her wardrobe with an on-trend lightning bolt or two? Unlike many collars, this jazzy dog accessory, which comes in four sizes and features pink and orange lightning bolts printed onto water-resistant polyester, can be machine washed at 30 graus. We love the ultra-soft neoprene inner lining, which isn’t just quick-drying but means minimal chafing, também, and the plastic clip stays securely in place without adding the extra weight associated with metal ones.

Stocky and Dee rainbow handmade dog collar

Melhor: For a splash of colour

Avaliação: 8/10

Although we’d like to reassure readers that our reviews are based on our own first-hand experience, not the thoughts of our dog, there’s no denying that our four-legged tester, Honey, had an instant attraction to this colourful handmade collar. It’s wonderfully thick and feels fabulously soft, especially on the inside. It’s also one of the classiest collars we’ve come across, and is adorned with a chic metal pendant bearing the brand’s logo, and a metal clasp which clicks solidly into place. There are a whopping seven sizes to choose from, and we love the fact that 50 per cent of the profits from every collar sold goes to Mrs Murrays Cat & Dog Home in Aberdeen.

Brightside classic slim dog collar by Holly&Lil

Melhor: For boho chic

Avaliação: 9/10

We love the faux fur effect of this eye-wateringly-bright dog collar, which comes with a cute heart-shaped pendant bearing the brand’s logo. Although there isn’t the additional layer of extra-soft material on the inside which many collars have, the buttery soft feel of the leather means there’s no chance of chafing. And the five generously-sized buckle holes ensure there’s plenty of room for adjustment.

Holland and Cooper HC classic dog collar

Melhor: For posh pooches

Avaliação: 10/10

This leopard-print collar, designed for medium to large dogs, is a great option for mutts who like to take a walk on the wild side. sim, it’s expensive, but if you’re the owner of a seriously posh pooch then a cheap nylon collar is unlikely to cut it. In short, with its gold buckle and use of genuine leather, it looks and feels like the kind of collar one of the queen’s corgis would wear.

It’s practical too, with six holes for size adjustment and an accompanying leaflet providing detailed care instructions. There’s no additional patch of material on the inside of the collar, but this is another one made with leather of such softness that it’s simply not needed.

3 Peaks lightweight mesh dog collar small/medium

Melhor: For durability

Avaliação: 7/10

If practicality is a priority, it’s hard to beat this collar, which has an ultra-bright reflective trim for better visibility on night-time walkies, and is made from a lightweight, breathable material for maximum comfort on long walks. There’s an ID barrel in which your dog’s details can be placed, and the sturdy D-ring means that your dog – not your lead – will be the only thing which goes walkabout.

Wainwright’s luxurious woven herringbone dog collar ink blue

Melhor: For classic style

Avaliação: 10/10

As much as we’d love to kit our doggies out in designer gear, doing so isn’t cheap, which is why we’re particularly impressed with this beautiful dog collar. With a gorgeous herringbone design on the outside and buttery soft leather on the inside, it’s a collar which combines comfort with style, and the combination of four sizes and five buckle holes makes this collar perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Pets at Home spotty dog collar medium purple

Melhor: For puppies

Avaliação: 9/10

Who doesn’t love a purple polka-dot collar? Na realidade, the honest answer to that is probably your dog given that dogs are colour blind, but that’s beside the point. This wallet-friendly collar, designed with medium-sized dogs in mind and the ultra-tough nylon material – paired with a sturdy D-ring clip for leads and a quick release buckle – makes it ideal for dogs who aren’t afraid of a little rough and tumble.

Pets at Home Christmas reindeer dog collar red

Melhor: For festive fun

Avaliação: 8/10

Do you love shoehorning your four-legged friend into a reindeer outfit for the festive period but worry that your dog isn’t so keen on your version of festive fun? This is the next best thing. A jazzy, reindeer-adorned collar which cranks up the Christmas vibes without going overboard. It’s available in three sizes (all of which have plenty of room for adjustment) and it’s machine washable, também.

Perguntas frequentes sobre coleiras de cachorro

Qual é a melhor maneira de limpar uma coleira de cachorro?

Even if your pet hasn’t been out on a muddy dog walk or spent the day swimming in the sea, a coleira que usa irá eventualmente absorver oleosidade da pele suficiente, sujeira e fuligem para garantir uma limpeza completa. Mas, cada colar é diferente e, Como tal, precisa ser limpo de acordo com o material de que é feito, seja de couro ou sintético.

Embora algumas marcas indiquem se um colar sintético pode ser lavado à máquina, é melhor limpar à mão se você não tiver certeza. Basta colocar um xampu de cachorro em uma tigela de água quente e molhar a coleira por 10 para 20 minutos antes de esfregar levemente - prestando atenção especial a quaisquer fendas onde a sujeira e a sujeira possam se esconder. Lave a gola com água morna, em seguida, coloque-o em uma superfície plana ou pendure-o pela fivela para secar.

Quando se trata de coleiras de couro, alguns podem ser limpos conforme descrito acima, mas outros não ficam bem se forem embebidos em água. Se você preferir errar por excesso de cautela, use um pouco de sabão para sela em um pano e esfregue a gola para limpar, enxugando qualquer sabonete adicional e deixando o colar secar longe do sol direto, pois isso pode causar rachaduras. Ainda soa muito ousado? Verifique a etiqueta da coleira para instruções e avisos de limpeza específicos.

O veredito: Coleiras de cachorro

We loved Joules coastal pet lead, simply because it gets everything right – it’s stylish and practical, and comes in a wide range of sizes, with plenty of room for adjustment on each one. Walk & Wear’s thunderbolt collar might just be the most stylish collar we’ve come across (although we loved the tough-but-breathable material too). Enquanto Stocky and Dee’s rainbow handmade dog collar in a beautiful accessory which comes with an added feel-good factor – a donation to a Scottish dog rescue centre.

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