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Minister rejects calls for bank holiday to celebrate England Euros win

Minister rejects calls for bank holiday to celebrate England Euros win
Therese Coffey says people will find their ‘own way’ to celebrate

A government minister has poured cold water on hopes of a bank holiday to mark Englands’s Euro 2020 triumph, saying people “can find their own ways to celebrate” the win.

Therese Coffey, the work and pension secretary, said supporters “don’t need an extra holiday” to honour the Lionesses historic victory over Germany at Wembley on Sunday.

England’S 2-1 extra time win has fuelled calls for a national holiday.

But Ms Coffey, who reportedly attended the match with Liz Truss, said there wereno plansto give people a day off.

I think that people can find their own ways to celebrate and don’t need an extra holiday to do that,” Ms Coffey told LBC Radio.

But it’s been a great tournament. Honestly, the sheer jubilation yesterday was extraordinary and I know that the millions of people watching and listening to it will have been inspired as well.

Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, had previously backed calls for a bank holiday, saying the women’s team and their fans deserved aproper day of celebrationif they prevailed in the final.

In an official response to the calls last week, the government said it would recognise the team’s success but that the cost of a bank holiday isconsiderable”.

The Lionesseswin was the first time England has won a major tournament since the World Cup triumph of 1966.

Goals by Ella Toone and substitute Chloe Kelly saw England ‘bring it homein front of a crowd of 87,192 i London – a record for a Euro final in both men’s and women’s football.

The Queen was among those to celebrate the victory, describing the players as role models for future generations to come.

Former player Alex Scott said the Lionesseswin would be a game changer in terms of raising the profile of women’s football.

These Lionesses have raised the bar,” hun sa. “They have changed the way women’s football is viewed in this country.

The train has left the station and it is gathering pace.

La hun til: “It will be tragic to take any steps back after what we have witnessed yesterday and through the whole tournament.

There must be an opportunity for every single girl to play football if they want to.

Opp til 7,000 supporters had the opportunity to join the team at an event hosted by Ms Scott at Trafalgar Square, sentrale London, that started at 11am.