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Female soccer players evacuated from Afghanistan to Qatar

Female soccer players evacuated from Afghanistan to Qatar
Qatar says female soccer players have been evacuated from Afghanistan on a flight to Doha

Female soccer players were evacuated from Afghanistan on Thursday on a flight to Doha les Qatari government said.

"Environ 100 footballers & their families including female players are on board,” tweeted Lolwah Al Khater, Qatar’s assistant foreign minister.

Qatar worked with FIFA to coordinate the evacuation of players, including some on the national team, who were taken to a compound with other evacuees to undergo coronavirus testing. It is unclear how long they will stay in Qatar.

The international players’ syndicat, FIFPRO, in August helped secure seats on a flight out of Acceptation for players from the Afghanistan women’s national team.

Concerns were raised for the safety of female athletes after the Afghan government fell much faster than publicly anticipated by the United States in August, allowing the Taliban to take back control of Kabul after 20 années.


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