ストームエバートが英国の一部の地域で75mphの風をもたらす – ライブフォロー

ストームエバートが英国の一部の地域で75mphの風をもたらす - ライブフォロー


英国の天気: 最新の気象庁の予報

ストームエバート, the first named storm of 2021, hit southern parts of the UK overnight bringing with it costal gales, 雨, and winds of up to 75mph.

Two yellow wind warnings remain in effect on Friday morning for southern England and Wales along the coast, reaching from St David’s in the west to Great Yarmouth in the East.

Gusts of 40 to 50mph are expected quite widely along the coast and could reach up to the North Sea coastal areas during the late morning and afternoon.

The ongoing high winds could lead to travel disruption with delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport expected. Short term power loss could also be seen, as well as large waves in coastal communities. The winds are expected to last until at least 6pm this evening.

The storm arrived as the 気象庁 said that the 気候危機 is already evident across the UK, with the country becoming significantly hotter and wetter. Experts pointed out that from 1991 に 2020, the UK has become 0.9C warmer and 6 per cent wetter.


気象庁: Climate crisis already evident in the UK

The Met Office has said that the climate crisis is already evident in the UK.

声明の中で, they said that 2020 was the first year to have temperature, 雨, and sunshine rankings all in the top 10.

“2020 was the first year that the annual values for rainfall, temperature and sunshine were all in the top ten the same year. 2020 was third warmest, fifth wettest and eight sunniest on record for the UK.”

続きました, saying that all of the top-ten warmest years on record in the UK have occurred since 2002, with the last 30-year period (1991-2020) being 0.9C warmer than the preceding 30-year period.

It added that the UK has been on average 6 per cent wetter over the past 30 年, compared with the previous 30-year period.

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Storm Evert reaches the UK

ストームエバート, the first named storm of 2021, reached the shores of England and Wales overnight.

It lashed the south-west with costal gales and winds of up to 75mph as the Met Office warned the storm would “get worse before it gets better”.

Overnight an amber weather warning was in place for south-west England, bringing with it concerns that strong winds would potentially damage infrastructure and lead to travel disruptions, large waves, and flying debris.

The Environment Agency issued six flood alerts for areas including parts of south London and an area on the Isle of Wight, そして少なくとも 14 properties were evacuated in Cumbria, according to the Cumbria County Council.

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おはようございます。 インデペンデント live coverage of Storm Evert.

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