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Dwayne Johnson recalls ‘scary’ experience of giving housekeeper Covid

Dwayne Johnson recalls ‘scary’ experience of giving housekeeper Covid
Hollywood actor and his family tested positive for the virus last year

Dwayne Johnson has recalled the “scary” experience of contracting Covid and setting off an outbreak in his household.

Verlede somer, Johnson, his wife Lauren and their two daughters, Jasmine and Tiana, all tested positive for the virus.

Die Jumanji actor’s own symptoms were mild, but the disease also spread to members of his staff, including the family’s nanny and their housekeeper.

During an interview with Die Hollywood Reporter, Johnson said it was “a very scary time”.

“I couldn’t control it because then the nanny took it home to her family,” the former WWE star said.

“And then the housekeeper took it home to her family, and they were a little older there. And you don’t want to be the fire-starter that then causes all this bedlam and fear. But luckily we all got through it, thank God.”

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Despite his family’s experience, Johnson managed to find some positives from the pandemic, sê: “I’m always going and going and going. It really forced me to stop and slow down.”

He also found time to launch his own tequila brand, Teremana, en tease a presidential bid for 2024.