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Vatican translator’s facial expressions with Biden compared to Trump win the internet

Vatican translator's facial expressions with Biden compared to Trump win the internet
‘Biden is actually repairing a fractured diplomatic relationship,’ professor says

De Vatikanet translator for Pope Francis had drastically different facial expressions in the meeting with President Joe Biden on Friday compared to the meeting with former President Donald Trump.

Twitter users enjoyed the side-by-side comparison video of the translator, showing Mr Biden’s meeting with the pope on Friday, and Mr Trump’s meeting with Francis on 24 Kan 2017.

Former Obama hvite hus Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri kalt the comparison “amazing”.

Before they even met, Mr Trump’s relationship with Francis was already fraught. I løpet av 2016 kampanje, the pope appeared to criticise Mr Trump and his policy idea of building a wall along the OSS border with Mexico. The pope said those who want to build walls instead of bridges are “not Christian”.

When slamming the pope’s comments, Mr Trump suggested the Argentinian was a Mexican pawn. When the pair finally met, images of a grumpy-looking pope standing next to the first family went viral and were used for countless jokes.

Professor Shaun Casey at the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University told NPR that US presidents meeting the pope is a “modern phenomenon”.

Pope Francis stands with President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Mr Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump on 24 Kan 2017

The first meeting took place in 1919 during President Woodrow Wilson’s time in office when he met Pope Benedict XV and the next meeting didn’t take place until 1959 when President Eisenhower met Pope John XXIII.

Mr Biden is only the second Catholic US president, following President John F Kennedy. Mr Biden told Francis on Friday that he’s the “only Irishman you’ve ever met who’s never had a drink”.

Professor Casey told NPR that the Obama and Biden administrations “discovered in Pope Francis a very willing partner to address some of these massive global issues like climate change, like refugees”.

“When you see that political policy overlap, you see a deepening of the ties and deepening of the relationship between the two entities," han la til. “And we are in one of those moments.”

“Biden is actually repairing a fractured diplomatic relationship,” the professor said, adding that the meeting will be “a signal to the Vatican that you have a partner now in the White House”.