Virginia Giuffre ‘not interested in purely financial settlement’ with Prince Andrew

Virginia Giuffre ‘not interested in purely financial settlement’ with Prince Andrew
‘Vindication’ is sought in this case, says David Boise

Virginia Giuffre is not interested in a “purely financial settlement” in her lawsuit against Prince Andrew, her lawyer has said.

A US court has ruled that Ms Giuffre’s allegations of sexual assault against the royal can proceed to trial in a civil case after a failed attempt by Andrew’s lawyers to have the case dismissed.

As with any civil case the possibility of an out-of-court settlement looms but Ms Giuffre’s lawyer said there had been “no suggestion” that such a resolution would yet be discussed by the two parties.

Ms Giuffre is suing Andrew for battery and emotional distress, alleging she was forced to have sex with him when she was 17 while being trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein. The Duke denies all the allegations.

David Boise, her attorney, said she was seeking to be “vindicated” in the case.

He told BBC Newsnight: “I don’t think that she is has a firm view at this point nor could she as to exactly what the resolution could be.

“I think what’s going to be important is that this resolution vindicates her and vindicates the claim she’s made.”

He added: “A purely financial settlement is not anything that I think she is interested in.”

Asked how the case would proceed, he said the taking of pre-trial evidence would begin “quite promptly”.

“We’re already in the phase of exchanging documents and that phase will continue for some time.”

A judge ruled that evidence-gathering must be completed by 14 July. This will require testimony from both Ms Giuffre and Prince Andrew.

Mr Boise has also raised the prospect of calling other members of the royal family to testify, including Meghan Markle, Prince Charles and Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

The trial is set to commence between September and December this year.