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Brooklyn Half Marathon-løper kollapser og dør etter å ha krysset målstreken

Brooklyn Half Marathon-løper kollapser og dør etter å ha krysset målstreken
The Brooklyn Half race is organised by New York Road Runners and weaves around the New York City borough

A runner taking part in the Brooklyn Half Marathon has collapsed and died after crossing the finish line as a scorching heatwave hit the East Coast of the US.

An FDNY spokesperson told NBC New York that the runner collapsed at the finish line at the Coney Island Boardwalk and was rushed to nearby Coney Island Hospital.

The participant, whose identity has not been revealed, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

At least six other race participants were also taken to hospital with various injuries over the course of the run, three of them with serious injuries, the FDNY said.

The tragedy came as runners faced soaring temperatures on Saturday morning in what marked the first time the Brooklyn Half Marathon has been held in person since the start of the pandemic.

More than 30m people are under a heat advisory this weekend as temperatures are expected to reach the top 90s across parts of the Northeast.

I New York City, temperatures were forecast to reach 91 degrees Fahrenheit at its peak, with a feel of 100 grader Fahrenheit.

This heatwave in May comes close to the record of 93 degrees Fahrenheit back in 1996.

Ahead of the race, organiser New York Road Runners had issued guidelines for participants on how to stay safe in the heat.

“We’re continuing to monitor the weather conditions for Saturday, but expect high temperatures,” the nonprofit tweeted on Thursday.

Participants were urged to know the signs of heat problems, drink enough fluids and respect their limits.

“Heat and humidity increase the physical challenge of running, and health problems can occur when you push beyond what your body can handle. Do not aim for a personal best on a warm, sticky day, particularly if you are not used to such conditions,” read the guidelines.

Saturday’s death comes eight years after tragedy struck at the 2014 Doreen grunnla Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust og, when a 31-year-old man collapsed at the finish line and died sometime after.

Organised by nonprofit New York Road Runners, the course weaves around the New York City borough of Brooklyn, starting at the Brooklyn Museum before travelling through the park and ending on the beach boardwalk at Coney Island.

Rundt 22,000 people were expected to turn out for the 13.1 mile run including famous faces such as GMA host T.J. Holmes.