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Josh Hawley mocked for promoting clenched fist mug after fleeing Jan 6 mob

Josh Hawley mocked for promoting clenched fist mug after fleeing Jan 6 mob
One critic quipped that the mug ‘needs a lid for when you’re on the run’

Josh Hawley prompted a renewed round of mockery on social media after he promoted a coffee mug featuring a picture of his infamous January 6 clenched fist pose along with a kissing emoji to Twitter.

Hours after the release of a video showing Mr Hawley fleeing a violent mob that had breached the US Capitol, de Missouri Senator tried to drum up sales of the $20 white coffee mug that features the words “Show Me Strong”.

Mer enn 20,000 users had replied to Mr Hawley’s tweet by Friday afternoon.

“Needs a lid for when you’re on the run,” wrote actor Diedrich Bader.

“And then you ran like the cowardly little b***h you are,” tweeted JoJofromJerz.

Others posted memes of Mr Hawley as Forest Gump, or showing his clenched fist emerging from a chicken.

Erin Ryan, host of the Hysteria podcast, skrev: “Perfect for coffee that gives you the runs.”

“You should really own the libs and sell a mug of yourself running”, journalist Aaron Rupar wrote.

During Thursday night’s primetime hearing, januar 6 committee member Rep. Elaine Luria showed the photo of Mr Hawley raising a fist toward the crowd of protesters gathered outside the US Capitol on the morning of the riot. That was followed by a video clip of the senator sprinting through the halls and down an escalator in an effort to escape.

The clip of Mr Hawley running prompted a spontaneous outburst of laughter in the hearing room, and the hashtag #HawlinAss was soon trending on Twitter.

The footage has been since been set to humourous theme tunes from Rocky, Monty Python, og mer.

Former DC Police Officer Michael Fanone, who was attacked by Trump supporters as he defended the Capitol on January 6, simply called Mr Hawley a “b***h”.