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Vardys leave court ‘due to illness’follow trial live

Vardys leave court ‘due to illness’ - follow trial live
Wayne Rooney gives evidence in day six of wife’s libel trial

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Rebekah Vardy moved to tears in witness box during second day of evidence

Rebekah Vardy and her husband Jamie have left court early because “Mrs Vardy isn’t feeling very well”, her lawyer has said.

The Vardys did not return to the courtroom after a mid-afternoon break. Both sides’ lawyers are currently quizzing expert IT witnesses about how evidence in the trial, particularly Whatsapps between Ms Vardy and her agent, was recovered.

Tidligere i dag, Wayne Rooney said he asked teammate Jamie Vardy to get his wife to “calm down” during Euro 2016 at the request of the England manager.

Mr Rooney said that then-national team boss Roy Hodgson and assistant Gary Neville wanted him to speak to the Leicester striker about the “distracting” media attention Rebekah Vardy was receiving during the tournament.

Giving evidence at the High Court libel trial brought against his wife, Coleen, Mr Rooney said that “[Mr Hodgson and Mr Neville] asked me to, as captain, would I be able to speak to Mr Vardy on issues regarding his wife.”

“So I agreed to speak to Mr Vardyto ask him to ask his wife to calm downIt was an awkward moment for me to speak to Jamie about his wife but I thought it was necessary having been asked by the England manager," han la til.

Ms Vardy’s legal team dispute that this conversation took place.


Court rises

The court has risen for the day. That concludes all the evidence in Rebekah Vardy’s libel trail against Coleen Rooney.

The trial will return on Thursday morning to hear closing arguments.

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Stemmer: True to form, at the Wagatha Christie trial Wayne Rooney may have just decided the game

Political sketch writer Tom Peck has delivered his verdict on day six of the ‘Wagatha Christie’ trial. He writes:

“The witness box of Court 13 is far from the only box into which Wayne Rooney has made a well-timed late arrival, and the results were typically devastating.

Manchester United and England’s record goal scorer was the penultimate witness in his wife’s defence, and though we can’t know yet, it’s quite possible he’s decided the game.

At the latter stages of their careers, once-rampaging attackers like Rooney have to learn to play a little bit smarter. Their all action days are over. They can’t always track back. Instead they must conserve their energy, they must wait for the moment and then, wallop! They pounce.

Which is exactly what Wayne Rooney did.”

Read the full piece here:

True to form, Wayne Rooney may have just decided the game

Once-rampaging attackers must conserve their energy, wait for the moment, and then, wallop! They pounce. Which is exactly what Rooney did

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‘I would suggest that this is a manual deletion’, expert on Ms Vardy’s messages

Defence witness Mr Matthew Blackband has queried Ms Vardy’s account that her computer crashed when she tried to upload her Whatsapp chats with her agent and that’s why she lost key messages.

“I’m putting to you that that’s possible,” Ms Vardy lawyer said.

“I cannot see how that is possible,” Mr Blackband replied.

“Based on the information that has been provided I would suggest that this is a manual deletion," han sa.

Referring to the alleged computer crash, Mr Blackband told the court: “I cannot see how that would be an explanation as the download the data has already occurred, a zip file has been formed.”

“I’ve not been able to identify a process that would cause that to happen.

“There would have to be a corruption of the database, which would mean that Whatsapp would not work," han fortsatte.

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Pictured: The Vardys leave court early

Rebekah Vardy and her husband Jamie have left her High Court libel trial early. Ms Vardy’s lawyer told the court that Ms Vardy wasn’t “feeling very well”.

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An expert instructed by Rebekah Vardy found it “surprising” that there was an “absence” of WhatsApp messages between her and agent Caroline Watt after Ms Vardy tried to export messages from her device to her solicitors, the High Court was told.

Ian Henderson was asked a series of questions in court by Coleen Rooney’s barrister David Sherborne about Ms Vardy’s data, which the lawyer suggested had been “deleted” or “lost”.

Mr Sherborne put it to the expert that he described the “absence of this data being caused by the uploading process” as “somewhat surprising”, with Mr Henderson agreeing that he remembered saying that.

“Clearly by surprised you’re saying that that is not what you would expect to have happened?” Mr Sherborne added.

“That is correct,” Mr Henderson replied.

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The Vardys leave early because ‘Mrs Vardy isn’t feeling very well

One of Ms Vardy’s legal team has told the court that Rebekah Vardy and her husband Jamie have left early because “Mrs Vardy isn’t feeling very well”.

Holly Bancroft17 Kan 2022 15:29

Expert witness Ian Henderson is now giving evidence for Rebekah Vardy.

Ms Rooney’s lawyer David Sherborne asked Mr Henderson whether it was likely that Ms Vardy’s account had been “compromised” for a period of time.

Mr Henderson said: “I’m aware that at least one other person had access to Ms Vardy’s account”, but said that he could not conclude that Ms Vardy’s account was compromised.

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Recap: Coleen has become ‘a different mother, a different wife’ because of trial, Wayne Rooney says

Wayne Rooney has said that his wife Coleen has “become a different mother, a different wife” because of the stress of the ‘Wagatha Christie’ libel trial.

Speaking from the witness stand at the High Court på tirsdag, the former England captain and Derby County manager said they he and his wife “don’t want to be in this court”.

“I’ve watched my wife over the last two and a half years really struggle with everythingbecoming a different mother, a different wife," han sa.

“It’s been been very traumatic for my wife.”

Les hele historien her:

Coleen is ‘a different mother, a different wife’ because of trial, Wayne Rooney says

Wayne Rooney takes to the witness stand on day six of Rebekah Vardy’s libel trial

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Ms Adaarewa has said she recalled Splash news photographer saying that Ms Vardy knew that her Instagram account was being used to leak stories to the press.

In her written statement, Ms Adaarewa said: “I specially recall Danny saying that Mrs Vardy was not only aware that Danny has a means of access to her account but also that she was well aware that access had been and was being used to take content and pass it to the press.”

Hun fortsatte: “This much was abundantly clear to me from listening to the exchange, though there was no express discussion of Mrs Vardy personally benefitting from a financial perspective and it would therefore be speculative for me to suggest so.”

Holly Bancroft17 Kan 2022 14:44

Splash news photographer said Ms Vardy knew all about leaks to the press, PR exec says

Penelope Adaarewa, a PR executive, is being asked about a meeting she attended with a photographer called Danny Hayward, director of Splash News, and a mystery Mr Ya figure in the media industry.

During the meeting Ms Adaarewa overheard a phone call, which was on speaker phone, between Mr Y and Mr Hayward. She was included in the phone call, and was introduced to Mr Hayward by Mr Y, but said that the pair started having what seemed to her was a private conversation in front of her.

In her written witness statement, Ms Adaarewa said: “I specifically recall Danny saying that others knew he had a means of access to the account and it seemed clear to me that included Becky Vardy. In his discussion with Y about the fallout from Mrs Rooney’s recent revelations.

“I recall he used the words to the effect of “But she is sticking to her story that she knew nothing about it” which he said clearly believing that Mrs Vardy did in fact know all about the passing on of information from her Instagram account and that her denial was disingenuous.”

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