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Jared Kushner appears before Jan 6 comitê – follow the latest

Jared Kushner appears before Jan 6 comitê - follow the latest
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Trump calls for Putin to release dirt on the Biden family

Donald Trump’s son-in-law and former White House adviser Jared Kushner has appeared virtually before the House select committee investigating the January 6 Motim do Capitol. His testimony is said to have been “really valuable”.

The meeting comes as White House records turned over to the committee by the National Archives and Records Administration do not include any calls made or received by Mr Trump between the hours of 11.17am and 6.54pm on the day of the storming of Congress.

The panel is now probing whether Mr Trump or his advisers used untraceable “burner phones” to evade official record-keeping systems which documented the president’s inbound and outbound phone calls that day. Mr Trump denied doing so in a statement in which he claimed to have “no idea what a burner phone is” and has never used the term. Contudo, law suits filed on his behalf and a statement by former national security adviser John Bolton indicate otherwise.

Enquanto isso, the current administration blasted Mr Trump’s request for Russian President Vladimir Putin to release potentially damaging information on President Joe Biden’s son in the middle of the war in Ucrânia.

“What kind of American, let alone an ex-president, thinks that this is the right time to enter into a scheme with Vladimir Putin and brag about his connections to Vladimir Putin? There is only one, and it’s Donald Trump,” White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said to reporters on Wednesday.


Roger Stone, a longtime confidante and ally of Donald Trump, came to the defence of far-right Rep Madison Cawthorn on Thursday and said that “I can tell you first hand that these parties happen. I can tell you that they continue to happen. I can tell you that Madison Cawthorn told me yesterday that he had not retracted what he said, even though Kevin McCarthy has popped up and is now speaking for the member of Congress.”

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Maroosha Muzaffar1 abril 2022 08:30

Trump tells supporter ‘you don’t look gay

Former president Donald Trump told someone in the crowd during a fundraising event at Mar-a-Lago, “You don’t look gay.”

Mr Trump was speaking at an event for the Republican congressional candidate and former Trump administration Housing and Urban Development Department official John Gibbs.

Someone in the crowd shouted “Gays for Trump!” and Mr Trump responded by saying “you don’t look gay.”

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Trump tells supporter ‘you don’t look gay’ at Mar-a-Lago fundraiser

Ex-president backed major anti-LGBTQ policies in office

Maroosha Muzaffar1 abril 2022 06:20

Trump tried to take profits from book of photos published by White House photographer, relatório diz

Former President Donald Trump reportedly tried to muscle his way into the profits generated by a book of images taken by the official White House photographer during his tenure.

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Trump took White House photographer’s book idea, relatório diz

‘President Trump has always had an eye for beautiful and engaging curation, which came alive through the pages of his book,’ a spokesman for the former president says

Maroosha Muzaffar1 abril 2022 05:51

Debunking Donald Trump’s false claim that he ‘built up’ oil reserves

Former president Donald Trump’s recent claim that his administration “built up” US strategic petroleum reserves that were “virtually empty” for a half-century is a complete falsehood, de acordo com US Department of Energy records.

Andrew Feinberg explains.

Debunking Donald Trump’s false claim that he ‘built up’ oil reserves

The strategic petroleum reserve had fewer barrels of oil on the day Trump left office than on the day he was sworn in

Oliver O’Connell1 abril 2022 05:30

Trump won’t change says GOP senator

North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer dismisses Donald Trump again asking Vladimir Putin to release dirt on his political foes as just Trump being Trump.

“Donald Trump is Donald Trump. He hasn’t changed. He’s not going to change,” he tells MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

Oliver O’Connell1 abril 2022 04:45

ICYMI: Jared Kushner was set to meet with Jan 6 committee today

Jared Kushner is today expected to meet virtually with the House select committee investigating the January 6 Motim do Capitol.

Committee chairman Bennie Thompson told ABC News Mr Kushner is of interest “because he was an integral part of the administration. Seu, eu acho que, important for us to find out if he knew anything about the planning before January 6, and to get it from him.”

The committee has no evidence that he was involved in the planning for the events of 6 Janeiro 2021 and has not sought to obtain his email or phone records, Mr Thompson further told reporters.

Oliver O’Connell1 abril 2022 04:00

ICYMI: Trump hits out at Morning Joe hosts over condemnation for Putin favour

Donald Trump once again launched an attack on an all-too-familiar target for the former president: Joe Scarborough e Mika Brzezinski, the husband and wife duo who co-host MSNBC’s popular Morning Joe programme alongside Willy Geist — this time about their reporting about his request to Vladimir Putin.

Johanna Chisholm reports on the former president’s latest angry statement.

Trump shoots back at Morning Joe’ hosts for calling him out on pro-Putin remarks

The former president called the ‘low-rated’ Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski ‘psycho’

Oliver O’Connell1 abril 2022 03:15

What we still don’t know about the Trump White House call logs from Jan 6

Bombshell reporting from CBS News and The Washington Post published this week revealed that a mysterious gap exists in the Trump White House call logs from the day of the Captiol riot on 6 Janeiro 2021.

While rioters attempted to sack the US Capitol, chanted “hang Mike Pence”, and delayed the certification of Joe Biden’s victory, Donald Trump was holed up in the White House with his staff. We now know that several top officials, including chief of staff Mark Meadows, were fielding calls and texts from desperate lawmakers on Capitol Hill who were insistent that the president needed to call off his supporters before the violence got worse.

There is no mention of that in the White House call logs, Contudo, which contain a more than seven-hour gap during the riot where no calls were recorded. The logs are not a complete picture of the communications that White House officials, including the president, had during the riot, given their use of personal cell phones, but the logs are still a point of interest for the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot.

John Bowden reports.

Burner phones and a seven-hour gap: What we still don’t know about Trump’s call logs

Watergate-esque gap in logs raises serious questions about what Trump was doing

Oliver O’Connell1 abril 2022 02:30

Trump claims he doesn’t know what burner phones are, but court papers show otherwise

Attorneys for former president Donald Trump used the term “burner phones” — a slang term used to describe an untraceable mobile phone which he has denied knowing — in a September 2021 civil lawsuit, de acordo com documentos do tribunal.

Andrew Feinberg reports.

Trump said he hadn’t heard of burner phones but used phrase in lawsuit

Revelation comes after former national security adviser said he had heard the ex-president use the phrase

Oliver O’Connell1 abril 2022 01:45

Citing race, judge strikes down parts of Florida election law

A federal judge struck down portions of a Flórida election law passed last year, saying in a ruling Thursday that the Republican-led government was using subtle tactics to suppress Preto eleitores.

The law tightened rules on mailed ballots, drop boxes and other popular election methods — changes that made it more difficult for Black voters who, geral, have more socioeconomic disadvantages than white voters, NÓS. District Judge Mark Walker wrote in his ruling.

Judge strikes down parts of Florida election law; cites race

A federal judge has struck down portions of a Florida election law passed last year, citing what he said were subtle tactics by the Republican-led government to suppress Black voters

Oliver O’Connell1 abril 2022 01:00