Over 90% of female football fans have seen online sexist abuse – survey

Over 90% of female football fans have seen online sexist abuse – survey
The survey heard from 371 female football fans.

More than 90 per cent of female football fans have witnessed sexist abuse being directed at other women online, according to a new survey.

Data gathered by Her Game Too, a campaign group seeking to make football a more welcoming and respectful environment for women and girls, exposes the shocking level of misogyny which still exists.

The group surveyed 371 female football fans, with 91.9 per cent saying they had seen online abuse being directed at other women, while 63.1 per cent said they had been abused online themselves.

The survey also found that 58.4 per cent had experienced sexist abuse in person, either at a football ground or watching football in a pub.

Niall Couper, from the Fair Game group which partners with Her Game Too for more sustainable governance for the game, said: “These latest statistics are horrific. Sexism has no place in our national game.

“It needs to be addressed immediately and that’s why we are calling for new robust equality standards.

“The standards are good in principle, but we need to move away from the failed tick box culture. It needs to be about outcomes. The game needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

“We need realistic long-term solutions that condemn sexism in football to history.”

Her Game Too seeks to champion women in football and create stronger relationships with clubs and have a presence at grounds and bars showing sport with a view to making them more welcoming for female fans.