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Some BP and Esso petrol stations forced to close – live

Some BP and Esso petrol stations forced to close – live
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A number of petrol stations owned by BP and Esso have been forced out of operation by a lack of fuel deliveries as a result of a nationwide HGV driver shortage.

They include a “small number” of Tesco petrol forecourts that are operated by ExxonMobil-owned Esso.

BP has said that it is reducing petrol and diesel deliveries to its own forecourts due to HGV driver shortages.

An ExxonMobil spokesman said: “The majority of the 1,200 Esso-branded sites in the UK are owned and operated by a number of independent retail companies – these companies are responsible for arranging supplies of Esso fuel to their sites.

“As regards our own operations, a small number of our 200 Os sites de varejo da Tesco Alliance são afetados.

“We are working closely with all parties in our distribution network to optimise supplies and minimise any inconvenience to customers.

“We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience.”

Downing Street has urged people to buy fuel as normal despite the closures of some forecourts.

Asked about the situation, a spokesman for PM Boris Johnson said: “I think the first thing to say is that there is no shortage of fuel in the UK and people should continue to buy fuel as normal.

We obviously recognise the challenges faced by the industry and we’re taking steps to support them.

He pointed to changes made by the Department for Transport to make it quicker for HGV drivers to gain their licences.

“This is a problem that many countries around the world are tackling,” the spokesman added.


London and south-east particularly hit by supply delays

Gordon Balmer, um diretor executivo da Petrol Retailers Association, que representa pátios de entrada independentes em todo o Reino Unido, said some sites are suffering from delays, particularly those in London and south-east England.

He recommended that motorists keep enough fuel in the tank to reach alternative filling stations in the “rare instance” that fuel is not available at the first one they visit.

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Fuel shortage ‘caused by delays in the supply chain’ – BP

BP disse em um comunicado: “Estamos enfrentando problemas de abastecimento de combustível em alguns de nossos sites de varejo no Reino Unido e, infelizmente, vimos alguns sites fecharem temporariamente devido à falta de tipos de diesel e sem chumbo.

“Isso foi causado por atrasos na cadeia de abastecimento, que foi impactado pela escassez de motoristas em todo o setor no Reino Unido, e estamos trabalhando muito para resolver esse problema.

“Continuamos a trabalhar com nosso fornecedor de transportadores para minimizar interrupções e garantir entregas eficientes e eficazes para atender nossos clientes. Pedimos desculpas por qualquer inconveniente causado."

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Shortage situation ‘very bad’, says BP’s head of retail

BP’s head of UK retail Hanna Hofer described the petrol shortage situation as “bad, muito mal".

She said that it could continue for weeks.

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BP and Esso petrol stations closed as lorry driver shortage hits UK

BP‘s head of UK retail Hanna Hofer described the situation as ‘bad, very bad’ and could continue for weeks

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