Aspiring singer was working at a tyre manufacturing plant

Thomas Wells, 前者 Xファクター 米国 出場者, 死んだ, 老いた 46.

The aspiring singer’s wife, Jessica Wells, 確認済み TMZ that the he died on 12 November after a tragic workplace accident.

Wells was working at a tyre manufacturing plant in オクラホマ.

報告によると, Wells’s body parts were caught in a machine similar to an automatic conveyor belt.

事件後, he was rushed to hospital before being airlifted to another in Texas so that specialists could treat him.

しかしながら, he died due to his injuries, the nature of which have not been revealed.

Wells aspired to be a professional singer from a young age.

Over the year, he appeared on several talent shows the US, 含む X Factor USA に 2011, 及び アメリカズ・ゴット・タレント, The Voice 米国 そして The Winner Is.

The multi-talented Wells could play several instruments, which he taught himself to play.

彼の妻, whom he was married to for 17 年, praised him as a “unique person who always had a smile on his face and tried to make people laugh”.