売ろうとした罪で起訴された男 4,500 1年前の隕石の破片

売ろうとした罪で起訴された男 4,500 1年前の隕石の破片
The suspect was arrested after the rock was put up for sale online

A fragment of a meteorite that spent thousands of years passing through the Solar System before plunging to 地球スペイン 以上 70 years ago was offered for sale on the internet for €50,000.

A removal man who tried to sell part of the space rock has been charged with wrongful possession.

その男, named only as Juan Carlos M, was charged with the attempted sale of the piece of meteorite that landed in the village of Reliegos, near Leon in northern Spain in 1947.

The 17kg meteorite was said by scientists to be 4,500 年.

No one was injured when it crashed into the ground near a farm creating a huge crater.

The Civil Guard announced on Thursday that the suspect was arrested after the rock was put up for sale on, a website, 今年の初め.

The suspect denies any wrongdoing.

スペイン語 警察 recovered the meteorite fragment, which will now go on show at the Spanish Museum of Natural Sciences.

The man told police he had found the piece of meteorite among the belongings of the late Manuel Laborde Werlinden, で死んだ人 1993 and who was a member of the Natural Science Aranzadi, a scientific organisation.

Laborde Werlinden had the piece of meteorite in the organisation’s collection since the 1960s when he was carrying out a study. その後, the piece disappeared, 警察は言った.

Captain Marcos Santos of the Civil Guard said the investigation was ongoing. The fragment of the meteorite was put on sale for €38,000 last year, 警察によると.

Officers said that the suspect had had the meteorite since 2015.

“It is a good birthday present. We have recovered a meteorite that disappeared from our collection in the 1960s,” Rafael Zardoya, director of the Natural Sciences Museum, 言った El País 新聞.