We’ve got the first look at Chris Froome’s Tour de France setup

We’ve got the first look at Chris Froome’s Tour de France setup
Want to ride like Daryl Impey or Chris Froome? Maybe Israel-Premier Tech’s Tour The France kit will get you there. From Factor, Shimano, Black Ink and more

It’s nearly July, which can only mean one thing: Tour de France fever has returned. This year the storied bike race starts in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, before returning to its homeland for the normal mix of mountainous alpine stages, thrilling time trails and, もちろん, its scenic finish at the Arc de Triomphe.

Hopefully we’ll see the fans return in full force this year, with the route lined by flags of different nations and supporters cheering on their favourite members of the pro peloton. Will Pogačar wear the yellow jersey once more? Will Roglič stay on his bike? Will anyone that’s not Slovenian get a look in?

One team that will certainly be hoping for a changing of the guard is Israel-Premier Tech (IPT), which is home to seven-time Grand Tour winner Chris Froome. The four-time champion is confirmed to race again this year, and his optimism is fuelled in part by the tech he’ll be riding with. “Going into such an important race as the Tour de France, especially with all eyes on you, means it’s crucial to have tech with me that I can trust,” Froome tells us.

If you’re the sort to fantasise about riding a stage with the greats, then you’ll no doubt be interested in what kit the pros are pedalling during this year’s race. Because the only difference between you and a yellow jersey is a spending spree – right?

We like your optimism. 手軽に, the guys over at Israel-Premier Tech have been kind enough to give us an insight into their gear, so you know exactly what’s powering their amazing efforts. Read on for all the details about this top team’s kit, as ridden by some of the best cyclists in the world.


Cycling computer

Hammerhead karoo 2: £359, Hammerhead.io

We don’t want to ring our own cowbell, but here at IndyBest, we previously named the karoo 2 私たちの favourite cycling computer for tech lovers (we called it perfect for “data geeks”), so it’s no surprise to us that it’s the IPT’s favoured gadget. It can generate routes to follow and collects every kind of data point you can think of.

“The biggest advantage of the Karoo 2 is the clarity of the maps,” says Froome, “It’s never going to be possible to do a recon ride of every stage, but at the same time it’s crucial to know what you have in store. Every detail matters when it comes to a race like the Tour de France, so this is when the relationship between our different technology partners is really important.”

The pro cycling team has been working with Hammerhead to develop features such as “climber”, which detects inclines along your route and delivers metrics about them to your screen. “Being to see the elevation up ahead helps me stay ahead of my competition,” says Froome. The brand will also be using all the data generated by the IPT team during the Tour de France to create software updates for karoo-owning mortals. Très bien.



Factor ostro vam: From £5,200, Factorbikes.com

There’s no bigger challenge for pro cyclists than the Tour de France – and no bigger challenge for bike makers. A team’s chosen steed has to be able to tackle it all, from sprints to climbs, in a supremely lightweight package that will still provide a modicum of comfort for riders during a 5-hour stage. Enter the Factor ostro, a purebred racer with the kind of aggressive geometry perfect for the TDF. The frame weighs just ​​780g. That’s – according to the scientific research we’ve just done – about the same as a third-drunk bottle of Pimms. Overkill for the commute? Nahhhh – any opportunity to train.



Black Inc five: £3,150, Blackinc.cc

Sure this set of wheels costs more than your average bike, but don’t forget, this is the top tier. Black Inc’s top-spec carbon wheels for stage racing are the fives, which clock in at 1.318kg and have been created with aerodynamics, handling and speed in mind. Traditional spokes? Who needs ‘em. They’re also tubeless compatible, optimised for 25-28mm tires and feature long-life bearings for exceptional durability. You’ll go far on these.



Shimano dura ace Di2: £2,150, Shimano.com

There’s only one choice when it comes to groupsets: Japanese brand Shimano’s top-of-the-range dura ace Di2 will be accompanying Dowsett and Froome throughout their 2022 ツール・ド・フランス. This first 12-speed groupset by the brand is also semi wireless and electric only – there’s no mechanical option, cause we’re in the future baby! If nothing but the smoothest ride will do for your Sunday club run, you can’t get better than this (although you may literally not be able to get this, due to supply issues plaguing the bike industry: you’ll have to buy parts of the groupset as they come into stock, or one already attached to a top-end bike frame).



Selle Italia saddles: From £94.40, Selleitalia.com

When it comes to cycling, there’s not much that the Italians don’t do best. That even applies to supporting your nethers. The IPT team are keen Selle Italia fans, with their award-winning glutes perching on these fine pillows of leather designed specifically for long days of pedalling. ここIndyBestで, we also love the brand – we’ll tell anyone who will listen about how our sit bones were saved by Selle Italia.


Cranks/power meter

Rotor cranks: From £649, Rotorbike.com

承知しました, you’re all hooked up to a heart rate monitor, and you’ve got your GPS data from thousands of rides available to peruse on your Strava. But if you love crunching numbers, then nothing gives more insight than a power meter. The IPT team boast Rotor cranks on their steeds, which enable them to judge how much effort they’re expending, and whether they’ve got enough left in the tank to get to the sprint finish. It’s tech that’s essential in the top echelons of the sport.



Black Inc integrated barstem: £490, Blackinc.cc

An integrated unit purports to provide huge aerodynamic advantages in the peloton when compared to traditional stem and bar setups. 再び, IPT has turned to Black Inc for its components, with the brand’s bars coming in custom sizes to offer each rider the perfect cockpit for their style of riding. Clocking in at only 320g of carbon fibre, this is top-of-the-range stuff.



Maxxis high road: £29.99, Cycleking.co.uk

Not got a spare couple of grand lying around for any of the above? Well you can still roll like the pros for an altogether more reasonable outlay with these high road tyres from Maxxis. They’re made from the brand’s hypr compound, which decreases rolling resistance and increases traction in wet conditions according to them. And for convenience when you’re not climbing Ventoux, they’ve got folding beads, making them easy to store.



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