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From casual Fridays to lazy Sundays, our top men’s joggers have got you covered

From casual Fridays to lazy Sundays, our top men’s joggers have got you covered
A classic design or modern slim fit? We found you the best men’s joggers for every occasion from Adidas, Reiss, Lululemon and more

The general dressing down that has been the foremost theme of menswear over the past decade has gone into hyperdrive since the pandemic, buoyed by the fact that our bottom halves have been rarely seen in the new world of wall-to-wall Zoom calls. Comfort has taken over, and the jogger now rules the roost.

But now that we’re slowly shifting out of our WFH life, it might be time to upgrade. So whether you’re after a pair to jog, lounge, or go out in, there’s a bounty of sweatpants for men out there that will have you looking presentable no matter the occasion or activity.

What should you look for when buying a new pair? Nós vamos, if you’re after a smart example that will slot into office life, a tailored and tapered fit through the leg that doesn’t sag at the knees will look more presentable. Wear with a cashmere jumper and a wool overcoat for a super-luxe look that will effortlessly take you from gym to boardroom.

Joggers made with athletic performance in mind are more likely to come in a technical fabric – the increasingly popular synthetic fibre, lyocell, por exemplo, é 50 per cent more absorbent than cotton and perfect for when you want that sweat wicked away. Stay away from anything too tight – ease of movement is important when you’re on your fifth round of squats.

Loungewear joggers are all about comfort, and as such are more likely to be found with an even looser cut and somewhat blurring the line between outerwear and pyjama bottoms. Aim for a versatile, neutral shade that won’t draw raised eyebrows when you nip to the corner shop.

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Como testamos

For this piece we’ve looked at joggers from across these three main categories – smart wear, sportswear, and loungewear – with each one having been put through its paces during a range of activities and situations.

The quality of the material, fit and details, were closely studied, and those joggers that could effortlessly transition from home to gym, to office (and back again) were judged highly, the added versatility allowing you to get more wear out of your purchase.

The best joggers for men for 2022 estão:

  • Melhor geral – Hamilton & Hare lyocell joggers: £ 120,
  • Best smart-casual joggers – Reiss black neoprene joggers: £98,
  • Melhor para sustentabilidade – Everlane track pant: £ 65,
  • Best for keeping warm – Adidas adicolour classic 3-stripes joggers: £ 55,
  • Best workout joggers – Lululemon surge jogger: £ 108,
  • Best unisex option – Les Girls Les Boys regular track pants: £ 65,
  • Best for WFH lounging – Hanro casuals leisure trousers: £87,
  • Best for shorter legs – Abercrombie & Fitch traveller joggers: £ 39,

Hamilton & Hare lyocell joggers

Melhor: No geral

Avaliação: 10/10

Having only been founded in 2014, British brand Hamilton & Hare has quickly risen to the top tier of the loungewear table, thanks to its well-made boxers and the fact it’s a dab hand at comfortable tailoring built for travel – its waffle knit travel blazer (£ 275, is a thing of smart-casual beauty.

Made out of a thick, heavy-duty cotton and lyocell blend, these joggers are incredibly warm and comfortable, cut in a classic regular fit with a subtle taper. The cuffs are loose and the overall feel is a throwback one – it’s a timeless, heavyweight jogger that’ll last forever and get you through all seasons.

The details are also well done, from the jacquard rib around the waistband to the shiny metal drawstring caps, while the navy shade is distinctly dark, almost black in some lights, which arguably makes them more versatile.

Reiss black neoprene joggers

Melhor: Smart-casual joggers

Avaliação: 10/10

A well-loved destination for smart-casual wear on the high street, it’s no surprise that the joggers offered by Reiss are just as office-friendly as the rest of its offering.

Made out of neoprene – a waterproof fabric usually found in wetsuits – the overall feel is one of surprising softness, comfort and quality. The cut is slim, not skinny, and cropped just at the ankle, with seam detailing across the front that makes them resemble a pleated trouser. In a darkened room they wouldn’t look out of place as a replacement for suit trousers.

The synthetic fabric is also brilliant at staying curiously free from creases, making these our number-one choice for those looking to stay smart and comfortable in the office.

Everlane track pant

Melhor: Pela sustentabilidade

Avaliação: 9/10

For some brands, sustainability is merely a marketing trend to jump on board, but for Everlane it’s part of the brand’s very DNA: a fact that has made it a go-to for socially and environmentally conscious consumers.

Each product page on the site breaks down the pricing, from materials and labour through to duties and travel, while Everlane also shares detailed information about the factory the garment was made in and the workers there. Here you’ve got 100 per cent organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard – a thorough process that takes over a year.

These joggers also do the job. They’re comfortable and fit well, with a relaxed tapered leg and elasticated cuffs. Do note, Contudo, that for some these might ride a little too high above the ankle.

The joggers themselves don’t particularly stand out, but their quality and affordable price make them an attractive proposition, especially for those that place value on sustainability and social responsibility.

Adidas adicolour classic 3-stripes joggers

Melhor: For keeping warm

Avaliação: 9/10

Often worn as part of a full three-stripe tracksuit, the Adidas adicolour jogger is a classic of the genre and a cultural touchstone adored by music royalty and the cream of Hollywood alike. But how do they square up against the competition?

Nós vamos, if you’re looking for a thick, fleecy jogger that will serve you well through the winter months, these are a worthy option. The fit is slim but not constrictive, with a neat taper leading to an elasticated cuff, while the zipped pockets are handy for keeping your phone firmly tucked away while you’re running or bench pressing.

In terms of style, the three stripes down the side are a bold statement. Assim sendo, these joggers are probably more suited to those playing sports outdoors, lounging around the house, or going to the pub with their mates, rather than those looking to get away with leaving the suit trousers at home on a Monday morning.

Lululemon surge jogger

Melhor: Workout joggers

Avaliação: 9/10

American-Canadian sportswear brand Lululemon might be more well known for its womenswear, but its men’s offering is certainly worth a look, with a range of technical clothing tailored to those of an active disposition.

These joggers certainly stand out among other options on this list, mainly for the fabric they’re clad in – a stretchy, recycled nylon and lycra blend that works wonders at keeping your legs cool and breezy while working out. The matte olive colourway is attractive, while the roomy fit, particularly around the glutes and upper thighs, make them ideal for running or yoga.

In terms of price, they do sit on the more expensive end, and the thinner fabric isn’t as winterproof as other alternatives, but if you’re looking at a jogger to work up a sweat in, they’re tough to beat.

Les Girls Les Boys regular track pants

Melhor: Unisex option

Avaliação: 8/10

Names alone do not maketh a brand great, but they certainly help. Athleisure-meets-streetwear label Les Girls Les Boys has a fine one, perfectly encapsulating the brand USPs: simple, hip, and boundary-less clothes that can be worn regardless of gender.

But branding aside, do the clothes perform? Price-wise, they somewhat do, coming in around the mid-tier. In terms of fit, they’re the widest on this list, with a bit of a harem vibe to them, thanks to the billowing wide-leg that’s cut short by an elasticated cuff, leaving a draping of fabric around the ankle. It means they’ll look great regardless of body shape, but they might not be the best fit for the office. Get your regular sizing and trust the elasticated waistband to expand to your body.

Made in Portugal from cotton, they also sit around the middle in terms of comfort and quality. They’re not exactly as cushy as Hamilton & Hare’s offer, but the fit still makes them a comfortable option at around half the price.

Hanro casuals leisure trousers

Melhor: For WFH lounging

Avaliação: 8/10

OG loungewear maker Hanro has been conjuring up high-quality, uber-comfortable clothing – mainly underwear – since the 19th century. That results in a whole lot of technical innovation and nous, and these casual leisure trousers are truly a product of that.

Made from a viscose-elastane, temperature-regulating blend, the fabric is like silk against the skin, making them the most comfortable bottoms on this list. The straight leg is smart, and the crop sits tidily at the ankle.

Contudo, despite being sold as versatile trousers that can be worn for outdoor leisure, they are much better suited to indoor pursuits. The fabric is thin and the look more closely resembles a pyjama bottom, albeit a very smart and luxurious pyjama bottom. They’ll get you to the corner shop and back, but probably not through a day in the office.

Abercrombie & Fitch traveller joggers

Melhor: For shorter legs

Avaliação: 7/10

Abercrombie & Fitch has had a well-travelled and rather peculiar history, going from high-end New York stores outfitting the likes of Ernest Hemmingway and John F. Kennedy to a late Noughties mecca for teenagers who like to shop for their sweats in dark rooms surrounded by topless hunks.

Anyway, it’s had a bit of a rebranding since then, and its garments have always been well made and of high quality. These traveller joggers are sold with the modern teen to early-twenty-something firmly in mind, in a high-tech, wrinkle-release fabric with a high crop to show off your sneaks.

Unfortunately for those with longer legs, the crop on the regular-length joggers is far too high and you’ll find yourself constantly dragging them down as a result, while the elasticated cuffs can be a little tight and constricting and the mesh lining inside is not nearly as cushy as other fleecy options on this list. Agora, that’s not to say these aren’t an attractive pair of joggers, but taller gents will probably need to look elsewhere, or go for the longer length.

O veredito: Joggers for men

This really is a battle between the outstanding options from Hamilton & Hare and Reiss here. O Hamilton & Hare lyocell joggers are thicker and more classic in silhouette and style, enquanto o Reiss neoprene joggers have a more modern design a slimmer fit. It is a case of preference then, although the Hamilton & Hare pair just pips it for us because of their supreme quality.

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