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‘Fully understood the assignment’: Eurovision fans praise ‘wacky’ Norway performance

‘Fully understood the assignment’: Eurovision fans praise ‘wacky’ Norway performance
‘Thank god Norway are being f***ing weird,’ wrote one viewer

Fans have praised Norge for delivering a quintessentially “wacky” Eurovision opptreden.

The annual song contest is well underway on Saturday night (14 Kan), with events unfolding in Turin, Italia, i år.

Subwoolfer represented Norway, and a Red Riding Hood-inspired song titled “Give That Wolf a Banana” that will likely go down in Eurovision history.

The group performed the track while wearing yellow wolf masks that conceal their identity.

Fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to the song and its strange lyrics.

“Thank god Norway are being f***ing weird. Some of these countries have forgotten the true meaning of Eurovision,”Skrev en person.

En annen la til: “This will haunt my nightmares.”

“Europe at Eurovision: kjærlighet, kjærlighet, fred, fred. Norway at Eurovision: before that wolf eats grandma pls give it a banana,” said someone else.

“Norway fully and completely understood the assignment. These countries that are sending artists with ballads clearly do not,” wrote a fourth person, with another person agreeing: “Norway’s act is perfect Eurovision wackiness.”

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