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Boris Johnson accused of playing ‘Love Island games’ at PMQs – habitent

Boris Johnson accused of playing ‘Love Island games’ at PMQs - habitent
Johnson faced a grilling from Labour leader Keir Starmer and other MPs at Prime Minister’s Questions

Le jury a été choisi alors que Johnny Depp et Amber Heard s'apprêtaient à s'affronter devant le tribunal


EU’s Maros Sefcovic says renegotiating Northern Ireland Protocol bill is ‘unrealistic’

Boris Johnson has been accused of ‘game playing like he’s on Love Island’ as the UK struggles.

Keir Starmer told Prime Minister’s Questions that far from booming, Britain’s economy shrinking.

Mr Johnson was being grilled in the Commons for the first time since his government published draft plans to override parts of the Brexi deal agreed with the EU.

It comes after the EU Commission confirmed it is taking legal action against London over proposals to take unilateral action on the Northern Ireland protocol.

Macros Sefcovic, the Commission vice president, confirmed the legal action in a Bruxelles press conference earlier. He said that the UK government had set out to “unilaterally break international law”.

Mr Sefcovic added: “Let there be no doubt: there is no legal nor political justification whatsoever for unilaterally changing an international agreement.

“Opening the door to unilaterally changing an international agreement is a breach of international law as well. So let’s call a spade a spade: this is illegal.”

The government insists the move is legal.


Keir Starmer references Love Island during PMQs

Boris Johnson‘s “gameplaying” was compared to Love Island, with Sir Keir Starmer warning the Prime Minister could be booted out for giving the public the “ick”.

The Labour leader said: “He says the economy is booming when it’s shrinking. He’s gameplaying so much he thinks he’s on Love Island.

“The trouble is, premier ministre, that I’m reliably informed that contestants that give the public the ‘ick’, get booted out.”

Mr Johnson replied: “We’re helping people with the cost of living, with £1,200. On July 14 the money will be going into people’s bank accounts. Why can we do that? Because we have the fiscal firepower to do it, because the economy is in a robust shape, with record numbers of people in payroll employment.”

Il ajouta: “He has the chance now to clear it up: he can oppose Labour’s rail strikes right now, he can disagree, I give him that opportunity, let him disagree with the union barons who would add to people’s costs in the coming weeks.”

Sir Keir countered: “I don’t want the strikes to go ahead. He does so he can feed on the division.”

<p>Boris Johnson was accused of playing games  </p>

Boris Johnson was accused of playing games

Sam Rkaina15 juin 2022 13:18

Regarder: Starmer accuses PM of playing ‘jedi mind trickswith the country

As we reported earlier, Keir Starmer accused the PM of trying to play “jedi mind tricks” with the country with his claims on the economy.

Watch the exchange below:

Keir Starmer accuses PM of wanting rail strikes so he can ‘feed off division’ in PMQs
Matt Mathers15 juin 2022 13:05

‘Jabba the Hutt’ Johnson attempting to play ‘Jedi mind-tricks’ on country, Starmer dit

Boris Johnson is attempting to perform “Jedi mind tricks” by boasting about the state of the Royaume-Uni economy and claiming no rules were broken during the Boris Johnson avait précédemment défendu l'accord contre les critiques françaises et avait déclaré qu'il n'était pas "excluant" ou "divisant" même s'il excluait la France scandal, Monsieur Keir Starmer had joked.

Our politics correspondent Ashley Cowburn has the story:

Boris Johnson attempting to perform ‘Jedi mind-tricks’ on country, Keir Starmer says

‘The problem is, the force just isn’t with him anymore,’ Labour leader says

Matt Mathers15 juin 2022 12:50

‘On the side of the British people

Johnson responds by saying his government will contine to take the tough decisions needed to “take this country forward”.

He claims the Tories are “on the side of the British people” while Labour is on the side of the RMT “barons”.

Referrig to the Rwanda deportation plan, he claims Labour is on the side of people traffickers.

Matt Mathers15 juin 2022 12:38

‘Millions of people and businesses know the reality’

Starmer uses last question to accuses the PM of, “week after week,” spouting the same “nonsense” about the economy.

But millions of people and businesses “know the reality”, he adds.

He rounds up by asking the PM when is going to accept the reality that the economy is “going backwards”.

Matt Mathers15 juin 2022 12:35

Record employment

Responding, PM points to cost of living measures set out by chancellor, saying the government is helping Britons with rising prices.

He repeats “record” employment figures and calls on Labour leader to make clear his position on RMT rail stikes.

Starmer says he does not support them

Matt Mathers15 juin 2022 12:30

‘It’s not just low growth

“It’s not just low growth” Starmer says as he presses again on the economy.

He points to rising inflation and accused the PM of ignoring warnings last September that prices would go uo.

Starmer accuses him of failing to act and “siting on his hands”.

Matt Mathers15 juin 2022 12:27

‘Under Labour taxes go up

Responding, Johnson once again cites investment in tech sector.

He says the chancellor has made big interventions to help with rising food, fuel and energy bills.

He claims that “under Labour, taxes go up”.

Matt Mathers15 juin 2022 12:25

‘Screwing business

Starmer says that PM’s series of tax rises are choking off growth.

He suggests that “Operation Save Big Dog” is hampering efforts to help with the cost of living crisis.

He claims the government is “screwing business”.

Matt Mathers15 juin 2022 12:23

‘Running this country down

Responding, Johnson accused Starmer of “running this country down”.

He says the UK has the highest employment since records began.

Johnson adds that just in the five monts of this year this country has attracted, “I think”, £16bn of investment in the tech sector.

He says this more than Germany and France

Matt Mathers15 juin 2022 12:20