Tesco’s Black Friday sale has landed with PS5 games, Lego and more offers

Tesco’s Black Friday sale has landed with PS5 games, Lego and more offers
Is Tesco offering discounts this Black Friday? Get your clubcard ready for this year’s deals as we explore the best savings on offer, from electricals to toys

ブラックフライデー is this weekend and brands have started teasing out deals ahead of the four-day sale, with shoppers ready to secure some bargains and get started early on those Christmas purchases.

テスコ might not be the first brand that springs to mind when you think about Black Friday – the mega shopping event that began in the USA as a post-Thanksgiving sale – compared to online giants like アマゾン.

ライブでフォロー: 今すぐ買い物をするのに最適なブラックフライデーの早い時期のお得な情報

But the supermarket knows that every little saving helps. Tesco is a regular contributor to the array of Black Friday deals on offer in the UK, offering money off everything from the latest technology to children’s toys and even smartphone contracts. This year’s Tesco Black Friday deals have started already and are currently available to clubcard members only. If you don’t already have one, sign up for free ここに to access exclusive Black Friday clubcard prices straightaway.

Tesco also even puts groceries into the sale (including champagne), helping make the contents of your pre-Christmas shopping basket that bit more affordable.


This year’s discounts are available to clubcard members who visit in-store and online, meaning you can shop whichever way you prefer, and not miss out.

So why not see if you can grab yourself a saving at Tesco?

Is Tesco having a Black Friday sale?

はい, テスコ launched its ブラックフライデー sale on 23 11月. The discounts are currently available for clubcard holders only, but reductions are up to an impressive 55 パーセントオフ. Within this, there are deals across different categories, from electrical appliances to toys. サインアップ ここに to cash in on the clubcard Black Friday savings.

We have spotted this Revlon one-step volumiser (was £70, now £35,, which our reviewer rated for its “brush power” and “bouncy blow-dry result” in our best hot brushes ガイド. When it comes to home appliances, there is a Nescafe dolce gusto mini me automatic coffee machine (was £58, 今£29, up for grabs. Meanwhile candle fans will have their eye on this Yankee Candle gift set (was £50, 今£25,

For family-friendly fun, we’ve seen this Lego remote controlled stunt racer (was £70, now £42, While the gamers can scout out top picks such as FIFA 22 for Xbox series x (was £60, now £35, そして Marvel’s guardians of the galaxy for PS4 (was £50, 今£29,

Although customers can shop the discounts in-store also, last year Tesco Express and Metro stores did not participate in Black Friday.

What time does Tesco Black Friday start?

This year Black Friday falls on Friday 26 November but deals have already begun for clubcard members in-store and online, so if you don’t already have one you can sign up and bag a bargain.

Plus it’s possible more savings will land as the weekend approaches.

Is Tesco doing Cyber Monday?

に 2020, Tesco’s Black Friday deals ran from the Tuesday before Black Friday until the following Tuesday 1 December – a whole week – or as long as stock lasted on each product.

This was called “weekly little helps” and included Cyber Monday, so we can anticipate the deals will run for a similar length of time this year.

に 2021, Cyber Monday will fall on 29 11月.

What televisions do Tesco sell?

Tesco does not sell TVs online. Instead you will have to head in-store to see its full range of sets.

そこ, clubcard holders will find the Sharp 50in UHD smart android TV reduced from £399 to £349 and the Sharp 42in UHD smart linux TV reduced from £329 to £279.

The Amazon Fire TV stick lite (was £29.95, now £14.95, is one of the products available to buy online instead of in-person.

What were the best Tesco Black Friday deals last year?

に 2020, one of the first items to sell out was the Nintendo Switch Fortnite 版 (£399,, which was on offer for just £229, meaning it flew off the shelves in the presale days before Black Friday. This year the Nintendo Switch with マリオカート and digital sub is reduced from £259 to £239 in-store.

There were also half-price deals on FIFA 21 console games, Yankee Candle gifts and Lego sets, bringing many of the children’s toys to under £30 instead of nearer £60.

For those more interested in kitchen tech, a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine was down to just £20 from £58, and the Breville flow kettle was £25, instead of £50.

A Shark vacuum was also reduced to £189 down from £349, saving £160. Our tester voted the Shark cordless vacuum best overall cordless vacuum for 2021, up against Dyson and Samsung options.


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