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Fans hail Michael Gandolfini’s ‘perfect casting’ in Sopranos prequel trailer

Fans hail Michael Gandolfini’s ‘perfect casting’ in Sopranos prequel trailer
Son of the late James Gandolfini brought some viewers to tears in first look as young Tony Soprano

The first trailer for The Many Saints of Newark, the feature length prequel to The Sopranos, has been released.

Originally airing on HBO tussen 1999 en 2007, Die Sopranos focused on the personal and professional life of New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano, played by the late James Gandolfini.

The character of Tony will feature in The Many Saints of Newark as a teenager, and will be played by Gandolfini’s son, Michael Gandolfini, who previously acted in Ocean’s 8 and David Simon’s HBO series The Deuce.

Aanhangers van The Sopranos shared their thoughts about the trailer on social media.

The casting of Michael Gandolfini in the role of young Tony was widely celebrated as “perfect”.

“Cried at the first glimpse of Michael Gandolfini,” wrote one viewer. “Nice to know I can still feel things.”

“Just on the basis of these fragments, Michael Gandolfini’s revival of his father’s facial expressions and tics and mannerisms is going to destroy me,” wrote another Twitter user.

"Sjoe! If you loved The Sopranos, Michael Gandolfini playing the young version of the character his father played is something close to a miracle,” wrote another person.

“Absolute genius casting,” said another fan. “I watched the trailer thinking damn that looks like young Gandolfini- they found the perfect kid actor then bam! Michael Gandolfini in the credits!”

The Many Saints of Newark arrives in the US on HBO Max on 1 October, with a UK release yet to be announced.