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Ex-aid reveals sexist nickname she was given by Trump White House

Ex-aid reveals sexist nickname she was given by Trump White House
Former Russia adviser and National Security Council member says she was surprised that women faced harassment ‘in the 21st century’

Ex-White House adviser Fiona Hill has revealed the sexist nickname she was allegedly given by senior Trump administration officials after the Russland etterforskning, and hit out at the former president for tarnishing US democracy.

Dr Hill, who served as Mr Trump’s adviser on Russia as part of the US National Security Council, fortalte MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace that she found out she had a nickname by an interviewer.

Asked if was aware of being referred to as “Russia b***h” for testifying during the Russia investigation and Mr Trump’s first impeachment trial, Dr Hill said she “wasn’t even aware”.

I wasn’t really expecting it to be in the US White House in the 21st century, after decades of women basically moving themselves up into more senior positions,” she told Ms Wallace on Thursday.

The interview came ahead of the release of her book, “There is nothing for you here”, which is released Tuesday next week and details her time as Mr Trump’s adviser on Russia.

“One of the reasons I wanted to put some of these aspects of my experiences into the book is because I think it’s very important to draw attention to the fact there’s still this incredible discrimination against women,” Dr Hill said.

I assumed they hadn’t paid that much attention to me, but I’ve got a nickname and I decided to make it a badge of pride in the book because this is a word that people use all the time, particularly when it comes to women’s anger.”

The former White House aide and member of the National Security Council noted that when women are angry “you are a b***h”, and thatIt’s obviously a genderised word, [because] men don’t get called that.

Mr. Trump, who has frequently targeted women who disagree with him, released a written uttalelse on Thursday saying that said Dr Hill was “was terrible at her job” and a “Deep State stiff with a nice accent.

He also alleged that Dr Hill was “not anybody who I recognised”.

Dr Hill, in her upcoming book, også alleges that he called her “darling” and thought she was a White House press secretary during a meeting.

She added in another intervju med MSNBC that Mr Trump was a threat to US Democracy and only “Trump first, not America first”.