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Pasta Evangelists is selling the winning dish from Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars

Pasta Evangelists is selling the winning dish from Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars
Pasta Evangelists has unveiled the Gordon Ramsay-approved winning dish from Future Food Starshere’s how to buy the rockpool ravioli recipe

Last night, the semi-final of Gordon Ramsey’s (slightly bizarre) food show, Future Food Stars, saw the competition heating up in the kitchen.

The series – and its strange blend of The Apprentice, Kitchen Nightmares en, thanks to the show’s openers and Ramsay’s extreme displays of masculinity, SAS: Wie waag wen – landed on our screens in March. It’s now ramping up for the final next week, with the winner and their business set to receive a £125,000 investment from the hot-headed TV chef.

In between Gordon Ramsay spitting out food and throwing away contestants’ recipes in anger, the latest episode saw Pasta Evangelist’s co-founder Finn Lagun help Ramsay decide which pasta took this week’s number one spot.

The crowned dish was a rockpool raviolo with crab, “coral” crisp, samphire and pea puree. Ans it is now exclusively available to order from the recipe-box company – meaning you can rustle up the seafood pasta yourself at home, just like the contestants made it.

The catch? It’s on the menu for a limited time only – up until Sunday 22 May to be exact. So, if you’re tempted by the mouth-watering meal, here’s everything you need to know about the winning dish.

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Pasta Evangelists “rockpool ravioli” with crab, “coral” crisp, samphire and pea puree, serves 2: From £8.07,

Impressing Gordon Ramsey and the fellow judges so much so that it took the crown, the rockpool ravioli dish is said to be inspired by the ocean. This ancient pasta shape has its historical roots in the northern Italian port of Genoa, where local sailors would wrap their leftover dough to stop anything from going to waste.

The recipe riffs off these nautical roots of ravioli, combining the pasta shape with fresh crab meat, mascarpone and lemon – all cooked with squid ink that infuses the dish with its subtle, briny flavour.

The best news is that this recipe can be rustled up in just five minutes. To serve, the ravioli is wrapped with spring pea and citrus puree – adding the final flourish. Is it dinnertime yet?

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Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars airs every Thursday at 9pm on BBC One.


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