Joseph Gordon-Levitt opens up about ‘Mr Corman’ moment inspired by his late brother

Joseph Gordon-Levitt opens up about ‘Mr Corman’ moment inspired by his late brother
The actor was speaking about his new Apple+ TV show

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has opened up about a moment in Mr Corman which was inspired by his late brother.

Gordon-Levitt’s older brother, Dan, passed away suddenly in October 2010. A famed fire-spinning artist, he also co-founded HitRECord.org. with his brother.

Gordon-Levitt tweeted the death of his brother at the time, calling him “my super hero brother.”

Speaking to Insider, Gordon-Levitt was asked about his brother’s influence on his work: “He’s in kind of everything I do”, the actor said.

He went on to open up about how his brother is an influence in his new Apple TV+ show, which is airing now.

The actor noted how in one of the show’s episodes, we see a number of scenarios relating to how the main character, Josh, could have turned out.

He explained: “In one of those, Josh has died and that certainly reminded me less of my brother and more of my family’s experience going through that,” he said.

“My brother talked about gratitude all the time and Josh is someone that I think has that lesson to learn. He knows he has a lot to be grateful for, but he’s not always able to tune into that and that lesson was something I think my brother was very focused on. That’s something I admired about him.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a struggling school teacher in the Apple TV+ series ‘Mr Corman’

In a four star review of the show, The Independent said: “Given the weight of the subject matter, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the show is light on belly laughs, but Gordon-Levitt’s engaging presence and sharply observed scripts make Mr Corman the sort of teacher you really want to spend your extracurricular hours with.”

Mr Corman is available on Apple TV+ now.