Footage of Gaetz wingman Greenberg resurfaces showing him violating parole to see wife

Footage of Gaetz wingman Greenberg resurfaces showing him violating parole to see wife
Incident led to rearrest of disgraced Florida tax collector and cooperation with authorities

Video of Joel Greenberg, a former close friend of congressman Matt Gaetz, has resurfaced showing police questioning him when he violated parole and drove across Florida hoping to see his wife.

The disgraced former Seminole County tax collector, who recently struck a plea deal with prosecutors, arrived at his in-laws’ home in Jupiter, Florida, early one morning, prompting his mother-in-law to call the police while hiding in a bedroom saying that he was “freaking out”.

Bodycam footage first published by WESH 2 shows the encounter with law enforcement officers on 28 February after he drove 170 miles to see wife Abby after she left him and went to stay with her parents.

Under the terms of Greenberg’s bail for child sex trafficking and stalking, he was supposed to stay in Lake Mary near Orlando.

His wife was not at the apartment, but a friend was asleep upstairs.

In the video, Greenberg tells police officers: “So when I went upstairs and said, ‘hey sweetheart.’ She said, ‘Oh, you never come to Jupiter.’ I said, ‘No problem,’ and I’m like, ‘I’m here.’ She turns over and it’s not her! I’m like, ‘where’s my wife?’”

Ms Greenberg is also heard in the video telling officers that she is really afraid: “You know what happens when a person has nothing to lose?”

Officers told Greenberg that he had to leave.

When officers learned of the charges against Greenberg, they tried to locate his probation officer but were unable to do so on a Sunday morning and let him go.

They warned him that if he were in violation of his probation a warrant would be filed for his arrest.

A few days later he was rearrested by US Marshalls and a federal judge revoked his bond and conditions of release. He was sent to Orange County Jail.

In an agreement with prosecutors, Greenberg pleaded guilty to sex trafficking a minor and five other charges as part of a plea deal that potentially involves him helping them in a related investigation into Republican representative, Mr Gaetz.

In addition to the sex trafficking charge, Greenberg also pleaded guilty to using a fake ID, identity theft, wire fraud, stalking, and conspiring to commit a crime against the US. A further 27 counts were dropped.

Greenberg appeared in court on Monday after admitting to introducing a “minor to other adult men, who engaged in commercial sex acts” with her, according to the plea agreement filed on 14 May. The other men were not named.

Mr Gaetz was not named in court documents filed in US District Court on Friday. He has not been charged with any crimes and has adamantly denied allegations against him.