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Greenpeace chief warns of Cop26 ‘greenwashing’ – volg regstreeks

Greenpeace chief warns of Cop26 ‘greenwashing’ - volg regstreeks
Latest developments ahead of major environment conference


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The head of Greenpeace has warned against efforts by countries and corporations at the upcoming Cop26 klimaat talks in Glasgow to “greenwash” their pollution of the planet.

“This Glasgow meeting really is a vital moment where governments need to be courageous,” said Jennifer Morgan, the executive director of Greenpeace International.

“There’ll be a big greenwashing effort in Glasgow that needs to be called out and recognised. If you look at what they’re doing to try and hold back the world from moving forward, it’s stunning," sy het gese. “It’s immoral, it’s unacceptable.”

Elders, a group of climate change advisers known collectively as Friends of Cop have warned the UK government against cutting foreign aid.

In a letter seen by the BBC, they say slashing overseas funding demonstrates the UK is “neither committed to nor serious about” supporting nations tackle climate change.

The world is currently far off track to meet globally-agreed targets to limit temperature rises and curb dangerous warming, en die Cop26 summit is the effective deadline for countries to bring forward more ambitious national climate plans.


Cop26 will be an ‘embarrassment mechanism’ for world’s biggest polluters, sê Ed Miliband

The Cop26 summit should act as a “large embarrassment mechanism” for the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters, according to Ed Miliband.

Speaking at an event hosted by Die Onafhanklike on Tuesday, the shadow business secretary said that big polluters such as China, India and Australia must arrive at the UN climate summit starting at the end of this month with tougher emissions plans.

More concrete action from big emitters will be key to “closing the gap” between the world’s current climate pledges and what is needed to limit global temperature rise to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, the aspiration set by countries under the Paris Agreement, hy het gesê.

Here is the story:

Cop26 an ‘embarrassment mechanism’ for world’s biggest polluters, sê Ed Miliband

Eksklusief: Shadow business secretary called for tougher climate action from China and Australia at an event hosted by The Independent

Tom Batchelor22 Oktober 2021 13:03

Scottish Green Party plans Cop26 events

The Scottish Green Party will be taking part in the Global Day of Action mass mobilisation march in Glasgow on Saturday 6 November – mid-way through the climate summit.

Speeches and music are planned before a march through the city.

The party said: “We will meet at the GreenHub, Renfield St Stephen’s Centre on Bath Street at 11am for a 11.15am departure to Kelvingrove Park.

“Those familiar with Glasgow can join us at the Kelvin statue from 12pm for speeches and music before the main march.”

It is one of a number of side events being planned during the conference.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will hold an “alternative Cop26” aimed at pushing for radical action on the climate crisis.

The left-wing MP said a series of events would challenge the “weak politicians” who will be discussing targets to cut carbon emissions in Glasgow.

Tom Batchelor22 Oktober 2021 12:43

Will China’s Xi Jinping attend Cop26?

As speculation continues over which world leaders will attend the climate summit, perhaps the greatest concern of all is whether Chinese premier Xi Jinping will fly into Glasgow.

If not, the superpower will be represented by veteran climate envoy Xie Zhenhua, who has already held preliminary talks with Mr Sharma and US president Joe Biden’s special envoy John Kerry, a gesture widely interpreted as a positive indication of Beijing’s commitment to the mission.

“We still need to wait for the information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and only after they make an announcement will we tell you,” Mr Xie told Reuters on 19 October when asked whether Mr Xi would be attending.

Lees meer hier:

Will China’s Xi Jinping attend Cop26?

Superpower’s leader thought to be undecided on Glasgow summit and could send deputy in his stead

Tom Batchelor22 Oktober 2021 12:23

Covid rules bar many Pacific island leaders from Cop26

One in three of the smaller Pacific island nations will be unable to send delegates to Cop26 because of the UK’s strict Covid travel rules, leaving those who stand to lose the most from the heating planet effectively excluded from face-to-face discussions.

Thirteen states plan to send a officials to the summit but seven will not, Die voog berig.

The paper quoted Ralph Regenvanu, opposition leader of Vanuatu, as saying: “It’s a big issue for the Pacific, the fact that we will not be able to be there in person as we would like.

“If we go back to Paris [Cop21], it was the personal presence of Pacific leaders that really made a change and brought us to the one point five degree figure that we have now in the agreement.”

Tom Batchelor22 Oktober 2021 12:03

Gordon Brown: Cop26 will fail unless rich nations keep their promises to the vulnerable

Uniting all parts of the world around a shared mission is indeed, a pre-condition of further progress, writes Gordon Brown.

Prosperity has to be shared to be sustained and Cop26 must become Co-op26.

This much needed, but still far too elusive, cooperation will only happen if we start to honour our responsibilities to each other.

Read his full comment piece here:

Cop26 will fail unless nations act together, we cannot afford division | Gordon Brown

The willingness of the poorest states and developing countries to enter into an agreement depends on the richest nations providing at least the $100bn a year they have pledged

Tom Batchelor22 Oktober 2021 11:43

Glasgow to clean up streets before world descends on city

Refuse workers in Glasgow are set to go on strike during the international conference if a pay dispute is not resolved.

With the threat of rubbish-strewn streets hanging over officials, Glasgow City Council has said it will focus on dealing with fly-tipping ahead of the summit.

Leader Susan Aitken acknowledged there were “hotspots” where dumping is a particular problem with just days to go until the city hosts world leaders.

But Ms Aitken, who leads the council’s SNP administration, said she was still confident the city can be “spruced up” and looking great by the time of the summit.

Sy het gese: “There are still some spots, hotspots, where we have particular challenges that are largely down to issues like fly-tipping.

“Environmental crime, om eerlik te wees, is what we’re having to respond to.”

Tom Batchelor22 Oktober 2021 11:23

What if Cop26 doesn’t meet expectations?

The absence of President Xi of China (the world’s most polluting nation) and of President Putin (Russia is still a superpower in hydrocarbon resources) would fatally damage the prospects of a binding agreement, writes Sean O’Grady.

Here is his take on whether Cop will be a flop:

What if Cop26 doesn’t meet expectations?

The absence of President Xi of China (the world’s most polluting nation) and of President Putin (Russia is still a superpower in hydrocarbon resources) will fatally damage the prospects of a binding agreement, writes Sean O’Grady

Tom Batchelor22 Oktober 2021 11:03

South Korean president will attend Cop26

South Korean President Moon Jae-in will travel to Europe next week to attend the G20 summit in Rome followed by the UN climate conference in Glasgow, his office said.

South Korea is one of the world’s most fossil-fuel reliant economies, with coal making up over 41 per cent of the country’s electricity mix and renewable power just over 6 persent.

Laas jaar, Mr Moon pledged to go carbon neutral by 2050 and unveiled a Green New Deal to create jobs and boost economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

This month he vowed to raise its emissions-reduction goal to 40 persent van 2018 levels by 2030 from the previous 26.3 persent.

Tom Batchelor22 Oktober 2021 10:39

Truss will encourage India to take more climate action during two-day visit

Liz Truss will use a two-day visit to India to announce a series of technology and infrastructure deals aimed at boosting trade links and combating climate change.

In the run-up to the Cop26 climate summit, the foreign secretary will also urge India’s environment minister Bhupender Yadav to commit to more ambitious goals on emission reduction.

Yesterday, the country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, was confirmed as an attendee at the event.

But with India’s reliance on coal and other polluting industries, pressure will be on Delhi to commit to bold action.

Tom Batchelor22 Oktober 2021 10:23

Cycling a ‘planet-saving alternative yet receives a fraction of the investment of major roads projects

Campaigners are urging governments to properly invest in cycling as a simple, cheap and effective means of tackling the climate, pollution and health crises the world is facing.

Encouraging people to travel by bicycle will be crucial to making cities greener, more pleasant places to live, hulle sê.

But currently cycle infrastructure attracts a “fraction” of the money spent on other, polluting forms of transport.

Cycling UK is among the groups hoping Cop26 will lead to an uptick in spending on infrastructure for bicycles.

Tom Batchelor22 Oktober 2021 10:05