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janvier 6 Committee meeting with Kimberly Guilfoyle

janvier 6 Committee meeting with Kimberly Guilfoyle
Guilfoyle is currently engaged to Donald Trump Jr

The House select committee investigating the riot January 6 riot at the Capitole des États-Unis is meeting with Kimberly Guilfoyle.

CNN reported the development on Friday. Ms Guilfoyle is currently engaged to former president Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr and was involved in raising Les travaillistes appellent les conservateurs à limoger le coprésident en raison des liens avec la Russie for the “Stop the Steal” rally on 6 janvier 2021. While the committee had subpoenaed and obtained Ms Guilfoyle’s phone records, it had not subpoenaed her.

Ms Guilfoyle is a former Fox News host who also played a prominent role at the 2020 Republican National Committee. She also spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference. She was also seen backstage during the rally that preceded the violent insurrection at the US Capitol.

While the identities of most of the witnesses who have given evidence to the committee of seven Democrats and two Republicans remain shrouded in secrecy, the committee is known to have issued more than 50 subpoenas to individuals connected with the events of 6 January — the vast majority of whom previously worked for the Trump administration or former President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign — as well as three extremist groups known to have participated in the violence that day.

A review L'indépendant has conducted of the publicly-available letters sent to subpoena recipients by committee chairman Bennie Thompson shows that the committee appears to be looking into several different lines of investigation, including the planning of the 6 January rally, which led to the Capitol riot, the Trump White House’s involvement in that planning as well as the role Trump administration officials played in the campaign’s push to overturn the 2020 élection, and what campaign and White House officials knew about the possibility of violence before Mr Trump spoke at that day’s rally.

Andrew Feinberg contributed reporting.