Amber Alert for New Hampshire children kidnapped from their bedroom windows

Amber Alert for New Hampshire children kidnapped from their bedroom windows
Grandmother had custody of 10 and eight-year-old

An Amber Alert has been issued by New Hampshire State Police after two children were allegedly abducted by their mother during the night.

Alaina Wilson, 11, and Chance Wilson, eight, were at their grandmother’s house in Somersworth, a New Hampshire town about 17 miles northwest of Portsmouth, when the abduction was thought to have occurred at about 9.45pm on Thursday.

Both children were sleeping in their bedrooms at their home when they went missing, police in Somersworth and New Hampshire believe. The grandmother, who has custody, told police Alaina’s phone was left behind.

Their mother, 34-year-old Kaileigh Nichols, allegedly took the children through a bedroom window and has been named a suspect, the Amber Alert said.

Police say she “took a vehicle from a relative in Maine & was seen in that vehicle at a school event in Somersworth during the day on June 16, 2022.” The school has not been named.

Somerswoth police added in a statement: “If contact is made with Alaina/Chance WILSON and/or Kaileigh NICHOLS, please notify Somersworth Police”.

<p>Kaileigh Nichols, 34</p>

Kaileigh Nichols, 34

As Boston 25 reported on Friday, the vehicle driven by Ms Nichols was believed to be a silver-coloured Honda Civic with four doors and a 2827A7 Veteran plate. 

Ms Nichols is around 5’1ft tall, weighs about 125lbs and has brown hair and brown eyes, police say.

Alaina has brown hair and brown eyes and is about 5‘01 – 5‘02 ft tall, weighing about 96lbs. Chance is about 4’06 – 4’10ft tall, weighs around 68lbs and has brown hair brown eyes.