ギャビープチト: Police say ‘something very bad’ may have happened to missing YouTuber

ギャビープチト: Police say ‘something very bad’ may have happened to missing YouTuber
‘She hasn’t been seen for weeks and now he’s back here with the vehicle and we’ve been told to speak to the family attorney,’ cops say

Police investigating the disappearance of YouTuber Gabby Petito on a cross-country van tour with her fiance admit “something very bad” may have happened to her.

ペティートさん, 22, ロングアイランドの, 見たことがない 彼女はソルトレイクシティのホテルをチェックアウトしてから 8月に 24 彼女のパートナーのブライアン・ランドリーと.

The couple had been documenting their trip across the United States on their YouTube channel 遊牧民のStatik, but fears grew for Ms Petito’s safety when she failed to contact her family for several weeks.

They reported her missing on September 11.

Mr Laundrie has returned to his home in North Port, フロリダ, and the couple’s van was seized by police at the weekend.

ノースポート警察のスポークスマン、ジョシュ・テイラーは語った 独立者 Mr Laundrie’s parents had refused to allow officers to speak to him, immediately handing them contact information for the family’s attorney.

警察が家族の行動に疑わしいものを見つけたかどうか尋ねられた, テイラー氏は言った: 「常識があります.

A GoFundme page has been set up to raise funds to help Gabby Petito’s family search for her

「犯罪が行われたという証拠すらありません。, 懸念と合計されないもの以外は、潜在的に次のことを想定することになります.

「ここで何か非常に悪いことが起こった可能性があります, 彼女は何週間も会っていませんでした、そして今彼は車でここに戻ってきました、そして私達は家族の弁護士と話すように言われました,テイラー氏は言った 独立者.

テイラー氏は、FBIがカップルのバンの調査を支援していると述べた, そのプロセスは「必要な限り」続くでしょう.

“We have certain skills and techniques and that will take as long as is necessary to retrieve any evidence.”

Ms Petito’s family have set up a GoFundme account which had received $25,000 in donations by Tuesday morning.

The page states that the family are working with the FBI and “multiple law enforcement agencies” in a nationwide search for Ms Petito.

It says she was last known to be in Grand Teton, Wyoming on August 25 heading towards Yellowstone National Park, after travelling and camping extensively over the last couple of months

A Facebook page appealing for help to find her has gained more than 23,000 フォロワー.