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Warm banks: Councils plan spaces for people who can’t afford heating

Warm banks: Councils plan spaces for people who can’t afford heating
Bristol’s mayor says it is a ‘sad reality’ these places are having to be set up

Councils are planning to put on “warm spaces” for residents to go during winter if they cannot afford heating with soaring contas de energia.

Martin Lewis asked on social media whether “warm banks”similar to food banks but for people in need of heatingwould needed this year.

The MoneySavingExpert founder floated libraries or other public buildings as examples of places that could be used.

Some responded saying the wheels were already in motion to set up free public warm spaces as rocketing energy prices cripples budgets further in the cost of living crisis.

Marvin Rees, the mayor of Bristol, replied saying it was “completely true” that a heating-equivalent of food banks would be needed this year.

“The sad reality is we have been actively organising a citywide network of warm places," ele disse.

Bristol’s mayor said the city was calling these spaces “Welcoming Places” and planned to have them ready to open in October.

Another reply shared a letter from Gateshead Council that called on local partners to help set up a Warm Spaces scheme.

It said the cost of living crisis was “resulting in unprecedented pressures on people already in poverty” and it was thousands would be forces to make “tough decisions” over winter, includng whether they could afford to heat their homes.

The council said it would offer £500 grants to organisations available to offer a “warm space” for the scheme.

Enquanto isso, a councillor from Lancashire replied to Lewis saying the idea of warm spaces was “already being discussed by councils”.

In a separate tweet, she said the county coucil would debate it later this week. O Independente has approached the council for comment.

Millions are estimated to be behind on household bills in the cost-of-living crisis, which is being compounded by soaring energy bills, four-decade high inflation e incomes failing to keep pace with prices.

<p>It comes as Britons grapple with rising energy prices</p>

It comes as Britons grapple with rising energy prices

Charities have warned low-income families were already being forced to choose between falling behind on bills, going without essentials or taking expensive debt.

Semana Anterior, Money Saving Expert founder Lewis warned there would be a “cataclysmic” energy crisis this winter with bills set to skyrocket.

“We are talking about millions, if not 10 million people moving into real poverty this winter,” he told Good Morning Britain.

Energy bills – que rose by 54 per cent earlier this yearcould rise again in autumn when the price cap gets another revision.

The Treasury has been approached for comment.