The monsoon season, exacerbated by climate change, have caused numerous mudslide incidents

Heavy rains over wildfire burn scars in コロラド have resulted in 土砂崩れ that have left roads shut down and motorists trapped in the state.

水曜日に, a mudlside along the East Troublesome Fire burn scar in Grand County, コロラド, trapped drivers and shut down a highway.

鉄砲水 in the area exacerbated the situation earlier this week.

Multiple mudslides occurred as a result, according to the Grand County Sheriff’s Office.

There were no injuries reported from the slides.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has issued warnings to drivers that more mudslides are possible in coming days as monsoon season continues.

Between the unrelenting weather forecast and the impacts we are seeing throughout Colorado, CDOT is asking travelers to take extra precautions, plan for additional time and double-check conditions before traveling,” CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew said in a statement. “Our crews will continue to monitor conditions closely and take what steps we can to keep people safe and return to normal as the weather allows. Once weather passes and crews can evaluate the impacts to the roadway, we are removing rocks and debris and making sure the road surface is safe before reopening.

Law enforcement officials have urged drivers to be cautious of the mudslides during the rest of monsoon season.

Landslides can travel several miles and create an avalanche of earth, mud, and debris. These natural disasters are fast-moving and come with force,” Colonel Matthew Packard, the chief of Colorado State Patrol, told Denver 7.

He said drivers should be prepared and stay alert while driving.

Advance preparation can make a big difference in your safety and survival. Pay attention to the weather forecast and stay alert by looking for the landslide signs like unusual sounds, including rocks knocking together, or trees cracking,” 彼は言った.

Climate change exacerbates existing problems. While it does not necessarily create new wildfires or mudslides – events that occur naturally and have in the past – climate change intensifies those disasters. Wildfires are more intense, droughts are more stark, creating more fuel for the flames. Rains are heavier, making it more likely that mudslides will occur.

One woman was killed by another mudslide north of Denver. Heavy rains triggered the slide, sending debris into Poudre Canyon.

Flooding in that area left three others missing, prompting rescuers to use drones in an attempt to locate the individuals. Five homes were destroyed and six other mudslides were triggered by the rains.

In one instance a car was swept into the Cache la Poudre River by the flooding and mudslides.

The National Weather Service has warned that more flooding and mudslides are likely.