The move threatens to render thousands in America homeless

アメリカ 最高裁判所 on Thursday allowed evictions to resume across the United States, blocking the バイデン administration from enforcing a temporary ban that was put in place because of the COVID-19 パンデミック, a move that threatens to render thousands homeless.

The pandemic-related federal moratorium was challenged by landlords and real estate trade associations from Alabama and Georgia.

で 6-3 保守的な過半数, with the three liberal judges dissenting, the court has said in an unsigned opinion that the CDC has imposed a nationwide moratorium on evictions relying on a decades-old statute, giving it the authority to implement measures like fumigation and pest extermination.

The court said: “It strains credulity to believe that this statute grants the CDC the sweeping authority that it asserts.”

It also asked the Congress to specifically authorise the statute if the federally imposed eviction moratorium is to continue.

The White House has said it is disappointed by the court’s decision and will need urgent action from state, local governments, landlords and Cabinet agencies to prevent evictions.

The decision by Supreme Court is likely to affect nearly 92% of US counties with “substantial” and “high” levels of Covid-19 transmission.