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Jeremy Irons horror movie finishes filming in Saudi Arabia

Jeremy Irons horror movie finishes filming in Saudi Arabia
‘Cello’ was shot in Riyadh and AlUla

Oscar winner Jeremy Irons has just finished filming a horror movie in Saudi Arabia.

Filming was completed on the international production, Cello, tidligere denne måneden. The movie, which was partly shot in Riyadh and AlUla, also stars Tobin Bell and is directed by Saw filmmaker, Darren Lynn Bousman.

Filmen, which was also shot in location in the Czech Republic and Italy, tells the story of an aspiring musician who finds out that the cost of his new instrument is far higher than at first thought, as the cello is cursed.

It is based on the novel by Turk al-Alshikh, who also wrote the screenplay. Cello, the first Arabic / international horror feature film, will premiere on the festival circuit next year.

Jeremy Irons (top left) and Tobin Bell (top right) star in Cello, which was shot on location in Saudi Arabia

The movie also stars Syrian actor Samer Ismail and Saudi actress Elham Ali. The movie was also financed by a Saudi firm, Rozam Media, which also owns all rights.

Irons, 73, has been most recently seen in the crime drama House of Gucci, which received its London premiere last week.

Cello could signal the beginning of more movies being filmed in Saudi Arabia.

Later this year, Gerard Butler will begin filming on a new action thriller, Kandahar, to be shot in the AlUla region of the Kingdom.