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Un iguane échappé sauvé du toit d'un pub par les pompiers

Un iguane échappé sauvé du toit d'un pub par les pompiers
The iguana was discovered sunbathing on the roof of a pub in Folkestone

Firefighters in Kent helped save a runaway iguana from a pub roof, when it was discovered making the most of the September sun.

Ronnie the iguana was found on the roof of a pub in Folkestone having run away from its owner.

The tropical lizard escaped from a nearby window, before scaling the pub’s walls and appearing on the roof on Monday lunchtime.

Firefighters used an aerial ladder to rescue so-called “RunawayRonnie”, before returning the “scaley” creature, to his owner’s arms.

Typically the Fire Brigade rescues more cats than iguanas, et le RSPCA were on hand to assist during the rescue operation on East Street, Folkestone Harbour.

RSPCA Inspector David Grant said: “It’s the first time I’ve ever been called out to rescue an iguana, particularly one on the loose on a roof.

“He’d climbed right to the top of the house and was sunbathing on the roof ridge. We didn’t want him to run off by frightening him unnecessarily, so we used my drop-net to capture him and we soon had him back on the ground.”

Mr Grant explained how “thankfully” Ronnie was none the worse for his adventure, noting that “it could have ended very differently.”

Au Twitter, Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: “It’s not every day you rescue an iguana from a pub roof but that is exactly what our crews & official-RSPCA responded to in Folkestone earlier.

“Runaway Ronnie had escaped from a nearby window & scaled the pub walls. We’re glad to say he’s safely back in the arms of his owner.”