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Covid infections down as hospital admissions fall ‘rapidly’

Covid infections down as hospital admissions fall ‘rapidly’
Covid hospital admissions in England dropped by almost 30 per cent this week

Covid infections in the UK have now begun to fall as hospital admissions fall ‘rapidly’, nuwe data wys.

Just over 3.1 million people in the UK tested positive for Covid-19 last week, down from more than 3.7 million the week prior, data from the Office for National Statistics. vertonings.

Figures show 2.6 million people in England, 156,200 in Wallis, 113,400 in Northern Ireland, en 272,000 in Scotland had Covid in the week of 20 Julie.

Infections fell accross all age groups, according to the ONS data, but despite falls the statistics authourity said Covid rates were still high.

Earlier this week the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said it was monitoring a new variant called BA.2.7, nicknamed “Centaurus”.

The news comes as figures yesterday for England showed hospital admissions were down by almost 30 per cent wee on week as of Tuesday.

The Covid Actuaries Response Group said admissions were now “falling rapidly”, with the number of beds filled with Covid patients down by 15 persent.

The group’s analysis of data showing the proportion of patients who are in hospital due to Covid and those who have tested positive incidently show both have decreased.

It also said: “NHS data on deaths with Covid in English hospitals is now updated weekly on Thursdays. Today’s update shows deaths also appear to have peaked, though they’re still up nine per cent week-on-week.”

The group noted there had been a “remarkable” spike in Covid deaths accross English hospitals on Tuesday 19 July during the heat wave.

Despite the decrease in admissions hospitals in England still warn they’re being impacted by Covid pressures as trusts in Nottinghamshire declared a critical incident this week.

A message to staff leaders said amid extreme emergency pressures “we care continuing to see significant levels of Covid-19 in hospitals.”